"Allure of the Seas" - the biggest airliner in the world

"Allure of the Seas" - so the biggest airliner in the world today.Before him, to those considered "Oasis of the Seas."Interestingly, the difference between them is only a 5 cm ...!In fact, it's twin ship, but the palm is still passed to the "Allure of the Seas."About this talk.

In fact, designers who have created by far the largest liner in the world, claiming that the difference between him and his predecessor, 5 centimeters turned out completely at random - because of the physical effects of the cold metal.But be that as it may, the "captain's armband," now ship "Allure of the Seas."

More - nowhere!

This ship (like its predecessor) is the property of the Royal Caribbean fleet.The largest ship in the world has:

  • 16 decks;
  • 2700 mess-rooms;
  • 24 modern lifts.

interesting that all rooms are on one aypadov that allows the vessel to "keep up with the times."In addition, the ship is able to develop a speed of up to 22 (!) Knots, weighs 225,282 tons, of his service 2 380 team members from 85 countries.

Floating City

largest liner in the world - it's not just some kind of ship is a floating resort town!Its infrastructure is amazing imagination of modern man: dozens of restaurants, boutiques, bars, concert halls, swimming pools (two of which are specially equipped for surfing), jacuzzi, fountains and, of course, a water park.

In addition, the largest cruise ship is equipped with:

  • tennis courts;
  • basketball and volleyball;
  • jazz club;
  • climbing wall;
  • playgrounds;
  • French carousel;
  • golf course;
  • casino;
  • real tropical gardens;
  • football field.

Yes ... The designers have taken care of the passengers with a vengeance!In most cases, they rarely have time to try and half of leisure options offered on the ship!

Clean - the guarantee of health!

creators of "Allure of the Seas", and do not forget about the environment.The vessel is equipped with modern equipment for wastewater treatment, which others do not have the biggest cruise ships of the world!In addition, the ship has special machines for grinding glass, aluminum and tin.That is how the destruction of dust on the "Allure of the Seas":

  1. Tons of garbage is compressed to the size of tennis balls in special machines.
  2. Garbage balls frozen in itself a huge freezer in the world, remaining there until the arrival of the ship to the shore.

"Titanic" Continued ...?

Many superstitious people are suspicious of this vessel.The fact that in their minds all the biggest ships in the world are associated with the legendary "Titanic".Such people believe the smaller boat - so it is more reliable.Interestingly, not long ago with "Allure of the Seas" really happened is not entirely pleasant incident.The vessel caught fire engine room.But the tragedy did not happen thanks to modern fire equipment liner, which coped brilliantly with this incident.Until the evacuation is not reached.

Price for pleasure

For reference, that the cost of the weekly trip to the "Allure of the Seas" is 20 000 rubles per person.Expensive whether or not - you decide, my friends!Along the way, you wind!