Lesbian chat

lesbian chat on the distant American server.Included Vic.

Vic: Hi all!I'm Vikky 17 / f bi.Anybody wanna sex?

Hikto not responding.Everyone is busy with their own affairs.

Included Anna.

Anna: Privet.Kto nibud 'govorit po russki?

Vic: anna privet.ti otkuda?

Anna: Iz moskvi, a ti?

Vic: ya tozhe.u tebja russkij shrift est '?

Anna: da


Anna: eto chto?

Vic: Here's how you can read it?

Anna: mogu

Vic: then switches to the Russian's easier

Anna: So?

Vic: clever.how old are you?

Anna 15, do you?

Vic: You have to play with dolls, what are you doing?

Anna: And how do you, old girl?

Vic: Soon 18

Anna: And in 15 years, you did not go into the chat?

Vic: No, of course

Anna: Because the computer has not been?

Vic: very funny.you're RL male pipisku ever seen?

Anna: Do not know what the RL, but where you, Vic, men pipiska?

Vic: How?men bring.It is a pity they are not detachable.We have more of themselves to endure the load.

Anna: So you fuck with the guys?

Vic: Of course, I love the variety

Anna: Well, so now forget about the guys!Because you're in my room, lit candles on the table a bottle of French wine.If you do not like the wine, put yourself what you want.I'm sitting with a cigarette in a big easy chair, and you're on a fluffy carpet at my feet.

Vic: I was sent to prison for child molestation

Anna: Do not drift.I was stroking your hair.Are not you pleased?

Vic: I persuaded.I crawled close to you, stroke your legs look, you're wearing pants or a skirt?

Anna: The skirt.You, too, in a skirt and blouse, I start to slowly unbutton.

Vic: I lift, you take away the cigarette, elegantly stretched out a leg and turn off the light.

Anna: What do you switch off?We also lit candles.

Vic: I'm sorry.I lift, you take away the cigarette, elegantly stretched out a leg and blow out the candles.

Anna: What do you do it blows out?

Vic: that means what?mouth of course.you what?

Anna: And why would foot jerk?

Vic: @% $ & amp; ^ $ & amp; ^ $ # so I just copied the text and replaced by off for blow out.What do you find fault?

Anna: Do not swear, or I'll take you by the hair and put you back on the floor.

Vic: I'll kiss your feet.first the feet, then the lower leg, and then my knees, and I will rise above above above

Anna: Vic, how are you doing such big letters?

Vic: Yes, just tag hedinga put all

Anna: How's that?

Vic: Did you come here to learn computer literacy?

Anna: Well, tell me, please, ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah

Vic: write your lyrics and all.It will be the largest font.H2 - smaller.

and so on until H6.there is no other

Anna: Thanks!I got it.

Vic: clever!and then I will continue to kiss you like that

Here Vikin text under the picture appears, which is shown as a very frank one girl kissing another right between the legs.

Anna: So you know how to insert pictures?

Vic: Anya learned you do not it time?you head to fool people?

Anna: Well, do not be angry.I really need.Can you do all this, all sorts of home pages?

Vic: Yes, I have already issued seven sites, this is my trash

Anna: Cool!Vic, and you do not help us make the site, but not too expensive?

Vic: Who you?School mug "skillful lips"?

Anna: No, company.And the chief took calls "representation on the Web," and does not give money.

Vic: Anya, how old are you?

Anna: Well, not 15. Still want to be younger.

Vic: Only not all of overdoing a rejuvenation

Anna: Oh, come on.You take much for the site?

Vic: Well, it depends on the volume, the complexity

Anna: We'd never have to difficult, but no more than 500 dollars.Can you do that?

Vic: no scripts and animation and can be 500

Anna: sweep out.Can you tomorrow afternoon at the office Mayakovka drive?We discuss the details.

Vic: 4 can

Anna: Write the address: ...................

Vic: It's your boss?

Anna: It's me.

Vic: Anya fifteen?

Anna: Yes, forget it.Oh really talking.Will you come tomorrow?

Vic: obligatory.Anya tomorrow.whole

Anna: Wait.Hado is to write you a pass.Say full name, first name and patronymic.

Vic: Egorov Viktor

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