Body type: slim waist, narrow hips.

All women has its own unique appearance and shape individual merits, features and drawbacks.At the same time someone from the persons of the fair sex are low-slung trousers, and some do not.But in order to skillfully transform all their disadvantages into advantages, it is necessary to know what kind of shape is it to you.For example, you may have a narrow waist, narrow hips.What kind of figures are these options?How to choose the right clothes for this type?

What are the types of the figures?

Altogether types of female figures, can be divided arbitrarily into four types:

  • «Square".
  • «Hourglass».
  • «Triangle".
  • «Inverted Triangle".

How to decipher all these names that resemble the concept of geometry in the classroom?And to some "geometric" type are ladies who have a narrow waist, narrow hips?

female figure: type "square»

If we talk briefly about each type, you should start with the "square".Women with such a figure virtually no waist, and the parameters of the chest, shoulders, waist and hips are of equal size.Some of them may be completely absent breasts.The owner of this silhouette are stars such as Keira Knightley, Paris Hilton, Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Kidman, Cameron Diaz and others.

Figure: Type "hourglass»

second common type of shape is called the "hourglass".This figure is considered to be almost perfect, which is called "90-60-90."This type its name derives from the visual similarity of the female silhouette with a clock.

owners have a figure of a narrow waist, but rather big hips.An example of this type is a terrific figure of Marilyn Monroe, Scarlett Johansson, Sophia Loren, Salma Hayek, Kim Kardashian and others.By the way, the most beautiful and has a narrow waist resident of America - Kathy Young.76-year-old woman was included in the Guinness Book of Records, due to the size of their waist, which is only 38.1 cm.

Figure: Type "triangle»

third most known type of figure, the winner of which most are business women,It is considered to be the "triangle."Beautiful ladies having similar shapes are often concerned with the question: "Whether there is a narrow waist, narrow hips?" Who will understand why.

The fact that the owners of this type has a relatively small bust, narrow shoulders and a medium-sized or slightly larger than the average hip.However, their size (hip), as a rule, exceeds the size of the shoulders.Typical of the "triangle" - Holly Berry, Shakira, Rihanna.

Body type: narrow waist, hips, or "inverted triangle»

Special attention is given such a figure as "inverted triangle".What it is characterized?Owners of the anatomical structure of the body has a broad and big shoulders, a large bust.

Women with this type of shapes can be proud of your body parameters, as it is they have a narrow waist, hips (see below photo).The owner of the figure of the "inverted triangle" have a smart appearance.They are slender and graceful.However, they have disadvantages.They are often problematic area is the stomach.That it deposited excess fat.

With the right approach to the sport with the figure of a woman in the form of "inverted triangle" easy to lose weight and get rid of the fat folds in the abdomen.For ladies with such figure can be attributed famous model Kate Alton, Charlize Theron, Angelina Jolie, the Russian ballerina Anastasia Volochkova, Demi Moore, Naommi Campbell and others.

Tips "inverted triangle»

narrow waist, hips - is, of course, wonderful.But not every garment is a woman with a figure of "inverted triangle".In this case it is necessary to choose the right length dresses and skirts.However, their length will directly depend on your height.

If you are the owner of medium height and thin physique you have, then you fit the style of "mini".If your above-average growth, it is possible to balance your silhouette with the help of skirts and dresses with a length just below the knee.

If you have a narrow waist, narrow hips and big shoulders, then the formation of your wardrobe should take into account these features.Pick only those things that will be able to visually harmonize your proportions and smooth out imperfections.For example, if you wear a blouse or sweater in tandem with blouses or trousers, then the combination is necessary to follow a simple rule: the top should be darker than the bottom.

Avoid cuts on clothes in style "boat."Do not use clothes too wide collar, plenty of overhead pockets and folds, disposed in the vicinity of cleavage, as they are, on the contrary contribute to visual breast augmentation.Choose a sweater with sleeves "raglan".Try to emphasize the breasts with the help of V-neck.

When buying dresses give preference to models with a high waist.This style is able to balance the narrow hips and broad shoulders.If you choose a model with a low waist, your figure, by contrast, visually stretches.Avoid styles with sleeves, "flashlights", from clothing with shoulder pads and other finishes with a massive volume and shape.A small detail: when choosing clothes select those models that allow you to expose a neck or shoulder and neck area.

choosing outer garments, such as coats, "triangle-Changeling" should abandon the choice of models of direct or narrower cut.The model should include a belt that will emphasize your small waist.As well it will look great cape, scarf or knitted poncho.

swimsuit, shoes and accessories for the "inverted triangle»

choosing a swimsuit, look at his color scheme and not on style.You come as a fused and separate models with shorts and bikinis - there is no difference.The main thing that swimsuit model from the bodice was darker than the lower part.As for shoes, the ladies with the figure of "inverted triangle" you can buy a bright and catchy, sometimes even massive shoes that shift the focus from his shoulders and carry him to his feet.

Bags should be bright and large, and contain a long strap, ending at the level of your hips.Because jewelry is best to use long necklaces and chains, which will allow to move the focus from top to bottom.

Now that you know the name of a narrow waist, hips, and what type of shape they are.