Secular humanism - the religion of our time?

Since its birth a person seeks to know the world, to study himself, to give explanations of unexplained phenomena.However, in many traditional societies, children are taught that a man is not eternal and powerless in any way to change their lives, that there are higher divine powers, governed by the laws of this world.It is alleged that the purpose of man in this world - to gain spiritual insight, but it can be done only on condition of obedience to the church representatives.In the history of many examples of how religious leaders with the help of such manipulations with consciousness unleashed a protracted bloody war against dissidents.Why are only the crusades against heretics or "wrong."

Since the beginning of the Renaissance radically changed the minds of many.People look at the world with different eyes, then shook faith in religious dogma.At that time there was a philosophical doctrine of humanism.It defines a human being as the highest value, and his right to freedom of speech, action, creativity, self-actualization thinks undeniable.Humanism in any case does not put people at the center of the universe or above nature.On the contrary, it encourages people to live in harmony with it.Person taught humanists, has great potential, and in any case can not infringe it.

philosophy of humanism many liking and is still relevant.Popular in the Western world the direction of flow is called a secular (secular) humanism.It promotes universal equality, humanity, freedom in all spheres of public life, high moral principles.By freedom is not to be understood permissiveness and independence of action within reasonable limits.This does not violate the freedom of other members of society.

Secular humanism denies the existence of God or some other higher power.A person should conduct a correct way of life is not a penalty in the Hereafter, and because it is the only true path leading to happiness.However, despite this, the humanists are not intolerant towards people of another religion or world view, as one of the basic principles of this movement - the freedom to choose.

In the world there are many followers of the ideas of secular humanism.However, more is heard criticism of this philosophy, mainly on the part of religious leaders.Their main argument is that secular humanism, despite the promotion of high ideals and the best appeal to the human senses, the judge sets the human conscience, not a divine law."Of course" - critics say - "some manage to lead an ethical life without violating moral precepts, but it is only one. For many secular humanism is the justification of selfishness, greed and vanity."

Another line "philosophy of humanity" - Christian humanism - adheres to the same principles as secular, but between them there is a fundamental difference.Atheism secular humanism is opposed to faith in God, keeping the commandments left to us by the apostles of Christ.Representatives of this movement believe that without faith in the heart of the people live as if in the dark, without a goal in life, and only God gives us the opportunity to be reborn spiritually and attain happiness.