Hugo - socionics type and its characteristics

such an interesting history of science as socionics, began with the works of famous scientists of Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud.In the early stages, Freud theorized that humans have consciousness, unconscious and preconscious.And then Jung developed the idea, finding that the components of the psyche can be filled in different ways in different people, and a certain "fill" has even a newborn baby.

Currently under sotsionikoy understood the science of the different perceptions and different information processing by different people.This is the doctrine of "information" metabolism.

Sotsionika Hugo - a description of only one of psychological types, the total number reaches sixteen.And every kind of talks with the environment in its "information" version.And these communications are so different that the words of one person can be understood by others just the opposite.Such differences Jung attributed to the fact that some people are more receptive to the arguments (basic function of the mind - thinking), others - feelings, the third best expressed intuition and fourth have developed feelings.

If we recall the biography of the writer Victor Hugo, you will be able to learn the basic features of socionic type.It is believed that he was a great romantic, helped by traveling to Paris in early childhood.In later years his house, where carried out merry feast was opened for numerous guests.Therefore, general characteristic, which gives the type of Hugo socionics may be expressed in the phrase "man-holiday".

detailed examination of psychological type informs us that Hugo - is ethical-sensory extrovert type.It is necessary to say a few words about what Jung meant by the extraversion / introversion.According to his teachings, the first - a treatment of the individual outward, and the second - arrangement of human interests inside.This does not mean that introverts are closed silent types.They just do not like to chat for communication, but willing to build ties for new contacts or knowledge.It is also noted that the net introversion or extroversion does not exist.Everyone has those and other characteristics.

Thus, Hugo socionics refers to those who like to be in the range of a large number of people.Ethical-sensory component suggests that this type of person tends to bestow all his powerful energy fun, create an atmosphere of unparalleled fun for others to make their life comfortable and happy.Type Hugo feels the beauty and state of the environment.He is able to make every detail of the required form, decorate any interior, to understand and help the needy.

for Hugo Socionics reveals interesting components such as the ethics of relations - it could shame so that the offender will not be to resist and force sensing - preservation of personal space that have this type of hard to take.Also, it is difficult to get anything done if he does not want.

Weaknesses Hugo Socionics considers the sense of time - he makes bad forecasts, going through if you want to arrive by a certain date, and does not like his brakes or customize.This is perhaps the only drawback facial features, asotherwise it is a creative person, a good businessman and organizer.