The spiritual life of society and the individual

Society - a complex, multi-dimensional body.In addition to the economic sphere, politics and government, social institutions, there is also a spiritual plane.It permeates all the above spheres of staff, often with a strong influence on them.The spiritual life of society - a system of ideas, values ​​and concepts.It includes not only the accumulated baggage of scientific knowledge and achievements of past centuries, but also the ethical norms accepted in society, values ​​and even religious beliefs.

All the wealth of people's feelings, their thoughts ups, the most brilliant creations and achievements provide a foundation.This is the spiritual life of society.Philosophy, art, religion, morality and science, on the one hand, keep the accumulated previous generations of ideas, theories, knowledge, and on the other - constantly produce new achievements.Spiritual sphere pervasive: it affects the other layers of social life.So, for example, respect for human rights leads to the establishment of democratic states where the people have the ability to control the official leaders.

spiritual life of society - is a complex phenomenon.However, for the convenience of this field of activity can be divided into theoretical and practical (application).First, starting from the experience of predecessors, it creates new ideas, create new ideals, makes breakthroughs in scientific advances and a revolution in art.These invisible new knowledge and ideas, images and values ​​are expressed in visible things: new devaysakh and techniques, artistic works, and even laws.Practical scope of stores, reproduce, distribute, and consume these developments.Thus, changing people's minds, the members of the society.

spiritual life of society and the individual - it is a whole.People are different, and because of their spiritual existence at times strikingly different.Setting has on a person, especially at an early age, at the stage of education and training, a huge impact.People absorb the knowledge and skills accumulated by humanity over the past century, master them.Then comes the turn of the empirical knowledge of the world: the individual through his experience that takes something and something drops from the fact that it offers a team.There are, however, still the laws with which the person has to be considered, even if it does not share the moral values ​​that gave rise to the establishment.

can say that the spiritual life of society is constantly affects the inner world of the individual.He is born, as it were twice: first is born a biological specimen, and then - in the process of education, training and experience to rethink their own - a personality.In this sense, the society has on her enormous, to create the effect.After all, as Aristotle argued, people - a social animal.And even if the individual professes Hottentot morality (if I steal another - that's good, but if I steal - it's bad), then on the people, he will behave differently, ie mimic citizen with modern, generally accepted moral values ​​(to steal -definitely bad).

On the other hand, society is inconceivable without its members, without individuals.And because the spiritual life of society receives a constant feeding of individual representatives, artists, scientists, and religious leaders.Most of their acts included in the treasury of human culture, developing society, moving it forward, improving.In this sense, the person does not appear as an object but as a subject of spiritual values.