The emptiness in his soul, loneliness - a sentence or life?

can reach heights in various areas of life: business, family, politics, etc.Only people this does not become happier.The emptiness in his soul, longing, sorrow, sadness - frequent "visitors" of the human heart.What's missing?What prevents to live peacefully and happily?The answer is banal - lack basic understanding of his life and set more meaningful targets.

Some are loose way of life, trying to "find happiness" at the bottom of the bottle or in countless "love" adventures.But would they be happy?The void in the soul only grows.

spiritual emptiness often felt immediately after waking up.If you have a family that needs to be taken care of and contain the person though something is pushing forward, and if not ?!It can be nice to talk, to talk about religion, but he still visits the void, especially the code he remains alone with himself.Problems at work, conflict in the family, illness or other troubles can break a man destroy the shaky system of values, and again in the soul emptiness.

Almost all of us the primary motivation in choosing work - money.Although research scientists have not managed to find out the relationship between income and happiness.In the period from 1957 to 1990 in the United States, an increase in income twice.But statistics surveys revealed that the level of happiness has remained unchanged, while the number of depression has increased tenfold.We all know how to survive, but how to live is not known to many of us.

For a while, people are driven by the stimulus Behold buy a nice car, a house, you will be able to relax in the most beautiful parts of the world, and I'll be happy!Man achieves the desired, but never finds happiness.He again met with emptiness.Man becomes more well-being and elation are not observed.Someone finds more and more enthusiasm, sitting all day watching TV or playing computer games, hoping to escape from the oppressive thoughts.But it only gets harder.Others are beginning to think more about the religion, but it calms them only for a while.

Why is everything so difficult?The reasons for such a state may be several.One of them - the lack of priority given purpose in life.Everyone should have a goal.Anyone who knows the "why" to live, endure any "how."

should occur daily development: spiritual, physical, intellectual, and it is more important than buying new clothes or cars.For example, a believer is never a feeling of emptiness in the soul and despair.At the time of "spiritual drought" for him every word in Scripture as torrential rain with colorful rainbow.That is, a believer is only getting stronger, wiser, more flexible when faced with difficulties and troubles in life.Generating negative into positive emotions, he always keeps in his heart the joy and confidence of success.It almost can not break, no life event.

ability to control their feelings, themselves, their experience - is the key to happiness.

emptiness in his soul - a faithful companion of loneliness that we all feel at times.People are trying to be avoided this feeling afraid to be alone with yourself, with your thoughts, mental issues and methane.We turn on the TV, the radio, trying to distract myself and something to do, but would not hear what is going on inside us.

But is it really so terrible loneliness?And should it be avoided?

Loneliness - the best way to understand yourself.

emptiness in my heart - a condition when the soul is torn in search of the truth about life.We begin to feel the emptiness, when you do not find answers to the main questions of the soul, or the famous do not satisfy us.

man is extremely weak and often goes on about people's opinions and stereotypes, living this way is not his life, forgetting about the needs of his soul.Carnal pleasure and passion hide from us the simple truth.Plunging into the fuss, we cease to feel the real life.And when he was alone with them, willy-nilly, we think about it.

In moments of loneliness, emptiness and longing, it is important not to seek solace in entertainment, not to distract themselves with empty classes and try to answer yourself on the priority issues of the soul.