How should I live?

If not to think about life and not to implement the plans, it will be uninteresting.Yeah, maybe, comfortable maybe even momentary bright, but thoughtless construction of life sooner or later begins to strain their human senselessness.Sooner or later the question will arise about the meaning of life.Why should I live?Damn question.Because you can answer it only to, based on their experiences.How to live to the years had lived not in vain?

Is bad dream?

Get familiar with your dreams.The most important thing to know - do not waste time on dreams.If you set a goal, immediately arrange brainstorm and find ways to implement.Good targets set in the evening and come back to them with a clear head in the morning.Rejoice before the time is not necessary, because in this way your brain is deceiving you, substituting real happiness dreams about it.Now you know about it.How should I live?Judgment and without further representations themselves in bright situations.

Himself ruthless boss

Learn to manage yourself in time.In fact, you can not manage time, because it is without your control, it can not be returned.Today will never happen again, so begin to change their lives immediately.Tomorrow may not come at all, and every day should be such that it was not painfully ... ashamed.Every day, your goals must be implemented, but you should feel a little unhappy.

the pleasure

Some say that "we have to live in a rush."With this most buzz should be cautious.Because the impulsive pursuit of pleasure has destroyed so many lives.Of course, life does not have to be bleak.But to get the real happiness, it is necessary to look for complicated ways.Connect with nature, it will feel like a part of the world and feel the presence of a number of great, even if you do not believe in God.You are distracted from the hustle and realize their true value, not imposed by modern life.Of course, to go live in the village - not an option for most.But from time to time you can seek contact with nature, even the busiest urban professionals.

Half-forgotten path to happiness

If you believe in God, the question of "how to live" much torment you will not be good enough to read spiritual books.If you are not "in the subject line," that is not yet know what the book Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain "Unseen Warfare" good presentation of the theory of scientific knowledge and critical analysis.And Proverbs amazing depth descriptions of life.And it's not boring, more importantly, to aim - and you will find many useful things for your life.By the way, fashion is now practiced meditation and Christian prayer, but you are not focusing on a mantra, and deep prayer text.So there is a lot of faith, a man in the street does not know what.

And in general, can only be a happy person activity.Particularly happy are those who see the fruits of their labor - children who have become successful adults (teachers), beautiful house (architects), warm sweater (knitters).And even age - not a hindrance activity.For example, one American, earned rather big pension seeking review of death sentences.It is very stressful, but the result - dozens of lives saved.

How should I live?With lofty goals.Not too lazy to justify arguments about the buzz, and to do his life and others joyful.