Types of outlook.

In the most general sense of the world - a system of human representations about the world, about their place in it.The specificity of this system determines the activity of the individual, forms traditions and customs.For many centuries, the history of the human world is undergoing a significant transformation.

At each stage of the development of civilization a society characterized by a certain worldview, and his views - the dominant system of views and ideas in different periods.There are four types: mythological, religious, philosophical and scientific.Hence, the relationship of philosophy and world view - the ratio of private and common.

mythological worldview is characteristic of primitive people.This is a fantastic view of the world, expressed in the form of fairy tales, legends, myths and legends that have been passed by word of mouth over the years, especially before the advent of writing.It determined the moral position of primitive people, is the primary regulator of behavior, a form of socialization, paved the way for the emergence of the next type of world.

religious worldview is also an organized system of ideas about the supernatural being - god or group of gods.But unlike the characters of myths, legends of the protagonists of religious claim to unconditional acceptance of their authority.On the other hand, in a society dominated by the mythological world, human activity is completely determined by the dominant culture of myth, while the religion of the individual can take and not take.The latter, however, always has negative consequences for the subject in religious countries, and often - in some secular states.

philosophy as a world view, in comparison with previous types, a relatively progressive system of judgments about the world as it is based are not baseless ideas and images, and rational thinking and logical laws.Philosophy as a worldview - a way of explaining the phenomena of the world and man's place in it.Philosophical concepts offer solutions deployed fundamental question of philosophy, the justification of a moral position.But they do not claim to be universal and do not involve the rituals characteristic of religious and mythological systems.

Philosophy as philosophy and science have a common rational nature.But science - is the objective knowledge of the world, founded theoretically and practically confirmed.In addition, the scientific worldview - a systematic knowledge with industry differentiation.

philosophy as a worldview is a prerequisite for the emergence of science and contains a methodological system used by modern scientists.

philosophy advocates an intermediate stage between primitive and later medieval "eclipsed" unexplained phenomena sensual images of the gods, mythological heroes and forming tools of rational cognition.