Knowledge as an object of philosophical analysis

Previously to human knowledge was a matter of only a philosophical science epistemology.But closer to our time has become brighter manifest itself interdisciplinary direction - cognitive science.This young science is not only interested in knowledge as an object of philosophical analysis, but also a more informed data in experiments on how the formation of ideas about the world in a healthy human being.Analysis means separating apart.Thus, knowledge is divided into religious, everyday, mythological and artistic, logical, philosophical.These species are in practice not always strictly separated and can often penetrate into each other.

between two worlds.Religious knowledge

Any religion presupposes the existence of at least two worlds, at least one of them - invisible.Religious knowledge is systematic symptoms, although in this respect it is far from scientific.It is characteristic of knowledge representation in the form of rules, and this is opposed to the mythological, largely figurative.Religious knowledge as an object of philosophical analysis is particularly interested scholars.

Where to buy oranges?Ordinary knowledge

in everyday we have to solve a lot of problems that are not and do not put as scientific.For example, in the hypermarket or at the bazaar to buy oranges?Why in the house with small children with special socket plug plastic forks?We know that the available sockets can be dangerous for kids.And it is - commonplace knowledge.

Whom think Tefal?Mythological knowledge

If you think that the mythological knowledge disappeared with the emergence of religions with one God, then you are wrong.This knowledge, as well as religious, based on emotions more than on evidence.It is shaped, it is a fragmentary images of the representation of the different aspects of life.Mythological knowledge as an object of philosophical analysis seems irrational, but has a hidden logic.Conclusions mythological knowledge does not prove anything.For example, part of the performance generated advertising brands are the elements of mythological knowledge.

Evil in a beautiful package?Artistic knowledge

This knowledge is related to the mythological, the difference lies in the fact that elements of the artistic presentation, the images do not exist by themselves.They constitute a system that expresses one or more of the main thoughts in English called "message".Artistic knowledge and pretend to change the world, not just to explain it, as opposed to the mythological.

Is it possible the impossible?The scientific (logical) knowledge

This kind of knowledge is considered to be the most advanced scientists of exact sciences.Philosophers this is not entirely agree.This type of knowledge is obligatory conclusiveness, and the scientist is trying to necessarily agree on the data obtained from existing views.If this does not work, sometimes there are scientific revolutions.

have a curved mirror.Philosophical knowledge

This kind of knowledge is to acknowledge the man himself, and these attempts are systemic in nature, when lining up for the understanding of the theory itself, the structure of the world in the most general form of the structure and interaction with the world.

Cognition as an object of philosophical analysis is rather complicated.But all kinds of knowledge are characteristic of every human being, and all the necessary for a normal life in society.