How to become an insurance agent insurance?

In older people, hearing the phrase "insurance agent" often occurs before the eyes of the person of indeterminate sex and appearance, rather compulsively try to persuade you to "think ahead and purchase a policy."In fact, only 15-20 years ago, this profession is quite popular, were engaged in such activity mostly citizens who do not have succeeded in any other field.

Today, the work of an insurance agent at home (insurance, hull insurance, property insurance policies, and more) is quite prestigious and popular, but under certain conditions is able to bring considerable revenue.

Who is the agent IC

agents today - is an ambitious young people who often have higher education and considerable experience in the field of communication with customers.After special training, such a person is able to sell you anything - from a toothpick to the skyscraper, and it is absolutely not intrusive.Aerobatics - conduct a transaction so that after signing the contract the customer left a full sense of his own importance and understanding of what it is "master of the situation."

As a rule, the insurance agent is not an employee of the company, and operates on the basis of an agreement or a power of attorney.This means that in case of any misunderstanding the entire responsibility of the UK directly, and the mediator as if "nothing to do".However, this does not mean that the agent would not answer, just in case of overlap, he will have to answer to the UK rather than to the client.

Prior to becoming an insurance agent (insurance, hull insurance, and others.), It should still think twice, because this profession belongs to the category of "wolf foot feed", ie does not assume a fixed salary, and people who prefer a certainstability, it will not do.

Who can be an agent IC

In principle, in order to cooperate with the insurance companies do not have to graduate from a certain institution, such as doctors and lawyers.Profile and scope of your education here is not so important.The main criterion for those who are wondering how to become an insurance agent insurance - is the availability of free time and a lot of desire to communicate.As freelancers, most IC happy to consider:

  • students (current, former and future);
  • pensioners;
  • retired military;
  • young mothers;
  • housewives;
  • any person that does not have a permanent job, but who wants to understand the wisdom of a new profession.

easiest in this field take root, those who already have a wealth of experience in dealing with different people: salesmen, teachers, marketers, network marketers, psychologists, doctors, former district and so on.

What should be a good agent

Those who decided to clarify the question of how to become an insurance agent insurance and try their luck in this field should possess certain qualities.It:

  • pleasing appearance - regardless of their income, an agent IC should be clean, neat, neatly shorn and arouse positive emotions of potential customers;
  • good memory - should study well and remember the peculiarities of a particular insurance product, be able to properly explain its benefits;moreover, it is worth remembering and "specificity" yet, though constant;
  • communicative - should be able to establish contact and quickly find meaningful answers to the various questions, not simply recite memorized text and motivate the interlocutor;
  • resourcefulness - a very useful skill to get out of adversity, such as - combination lock on the front door or a huge dog owners will meet you at the threshold;
  • resistance to stress - people are different, not all are able to speak correctly, so remember: the customer is always right, and react even to the most notorious rudeness will have a polite smile;
  • hard work - in this case to sit "on the bench spare" will not work, earnings will depend on the number of customers found you;

I used to insurers went, let me teach

So, in personal qualities understood, now let's talk about how to become an agent of the insurance company for insurance - Ingosstrakh, "SOGAZ", "RESO", "SSC" or any otherthe company of your choice.

Of course, no company will allow the first comer to represent their interests and execute agreements on behalf of the company - to get this right, you need to undergo special training directly from the prospective employer.These courses often free, there is a future agent will teach the basics of the art of negotiating, dealing with customer objections.And, of course, "the bones" disassemble each insurance product offered by the company, its strengths and competitive advantages.

courses usually last from one to two weeks to several months, training can take place either in groups or individually.Some companies also engage in distance learning or remote webinars and Skype conference.Prior to becoming an agent of the insurance company for insurance, hull insurance and other types of insurance, the applicant must not only successfully complete the training, but to pass some exams and tests for passed courses.In some companies, training can also be phased - each new step opens up access to additional insurance products - the higher the level, the greater the range of policies that you can offer to customers.


After training, you can start to work.It is the responsibility of the insurance agent, insurance and any other types of insurance include:

  1. Finding and attracting new customers, expand its customer base.
  2. new contracts for all types of insurance and the extension (renewal) existing.
  3. Self damage assessment - despite the fact that most of this has been a dedicated employee, each agent must be able to do it yourself.
  4. Strict keeping and preservation of documents - the responsibility for the storage fees and forms lies entirely on the agent.
  5. promotional activities - the best agent will be able to present yourself, the more customers it will have.

Of course, the first two points are fundamental, namely on the quality of their performance is directly dependent earned income.

salary - little or no

Before becoming an agent of the insurance company for insurance or other kinds of policies should be understood that clearly defined income you get here.Wages freelancer depends on its activity, luck and hard work.The first time is accumulated base will be difficult enough.Active and well motivated newcomers get at first about 15 thousand. Rubles, and "agents-sharks" can earn more than 100 thousand rubles per month.

Of course, every company has its own system of remuneration, but in general it can be said that the salary of an insurance agent is 10-15% of the contracts concluded.Some companies also offer certain bonuses and promotion in achieving good performance.

work of an insurance agent, and although not easy, but it is quite interesting, and under certain conditions, allows you to quickly move up the career ladder and improve their financial situation.Nevertheless, before becoming an insurance agent insurance Rosgosstrakh, for example, should re-evaluate the pros and cons of this profession.

All of

advantages of this type of activity is quite obvious:

  • free training of new business;
  • free schedule - this kind of work can be combined with any other, and with study, maternity leave and so on;
  • upper limit of profitability is not limited - as "accumulates" so much and received;
  • opportunity to acquire new "necessary" dating;
  • low competition - people able to perform well in this kind of work, not so much.

And against

Prior to becoming an insurance agent insurance, is a sober assessment and disadvantages of this profession:

  • lack of stable predictable income;
  • independent search for customers - it is sometimes quite difficult to figure out where to take them;
  • irregular working schedule - it is likely that the client wants to see on a holiday, weekend or after 23.00;
  • personal responsibility for the safety documentation;
  • work with "in cash" personal responsibility for the safety of insurance premiums.


At the end of topics summarize what it takes to become an insurance agent insurance:

  1. Select companies providing insurance and inquired about the availability of vacancies.
  2. Send resume with contact information or fill out a form on the website and wait for an invitation to talk.
  3. visit the office of the insurance company, to pass a personal interview and sign up for the next training course.
  4. Upon completion of training cooperation agreement and get to work, and how quickly you can get your first paycheck - depends on you.