Can you beer while breastfeeding?

During pregnancy, alcoholic beverages are banned.But that period is over ... The child is growing, and more and more young mother begins to wonder - can you drink beer while breastfeeding?

About intoxicating drink steeped in legend: beer promotes lactation, contains nutrients and vitamins, is composed of natural ingredients.Are these allegations true?

After the successful resolution of the burden sometimes so eager to please yourself a glass of amber beer!How to combine the drink and breastfeeding?

Alcohol breastfeeding Breastfeeding

imposes on young mom obligations and restrictions.Sometimes you want to relax, drink a beer or a holiday at the table sip a glass of wine ... Can I drink alcohol during lactation?Can I drink beer while breastfeeding?

newborn intestine susceptible to a change in diet.Necessary for normal functioning of the microbes come to the baby from the mother's milk.Therefore, the abuse of alcohol is strictly contraindicated during breastfeeding.In the body of the baby does not have special enzymes that contribute to the breakdown of alcohol.Even a small dose capable of causing damage to the health of the child.

Can a glass of beer during lactation?It is a matter of lively debate among doctors, scientists.They have not yet managed to reach a consensus.Some argue that a glass of beer admissible breastfeeding.Others argue that even non-alcoholic can delay psychomotor development of the child.Is it acceptable beer while breastfeeding?

alcoholic drinks

After drinking beer from the digestive tract, it gets first in the stomach, then - in the intestine.It is in the intestine, in its upper part, the absorption of alcohol starts.In the blood, it is detected in the time interval from 30 to 90 minutes.It depends on the food or on an empty stomach was receiving liquor.

field of alcohol will be in the blood, it is manifested in mother's milk.And after the collapse of the ethanol product purifies the blood and milk.The process of alcohol elimination from the body depends on the height and weight of women, on the strength of the drink.

alcohol content in milk

By drinking alcohol on an empty stomach to drink milk appears after 30-60 minutes.If Mom took drink with food, then alcohol gets into the milk after 60-90 minutes.

One serving of alcohol eliminated from the body within 2-3 hours.This is the case if the weight lactating women - from 50 to 55 kg.Keep in mind that one serving of wine is 150 ml, and beer - 330 ml.Spirits (brandy, whiskey, vodka, brandy) removed from the body much more slowly (up to 13 hours).

Should I drink beer while breastfeeding? Doctors advised to minimize alcohol consumption during lactation.Allowed occasional use of alcoholic beverages.But the dosage is safe for the baby is not known to modern science - a lot depends on the individual mom and baby.

Non-alcoholic beer breastfeeding

is believed that non-alcoholic beer may not harm the baby.It contains no alcohol, which means that its use is possible with lactation.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that in different varieties, brands of beer may be the presence of alcohol from 0.1 to 2%.Even a small portion of alcohol can cause the disorder of the digestive tract, sleep disturbances children.Is it worth risking his health if, in severe cases can be epilepsy, or death of a newborn?

In addition, for long-term storage of non-alcoholic beer used preservatives, additives.So possible to non-alcoholic beer while breastfeeding?

allowed occasionally drinking a glass of beer without ethanol.It is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the beverage.Artificial colors, preservatives can trigger allergic reactions in the newborn.

beer during breastfeeding

Breastfeeding mothers say that the beer affects the lactation.As if after a glass of drink felt a rush of milk, the child increasingly eats and sleeps well.Is this true statement?Can I drink beer while breastfeeding?

ethyl alcohol contained in beer, has the ability to reduce the level of oxytocin.This hormone responsible for milk production.Upon receiving beer oxytocin levels in blood is decreased, the milk in the breast is blocked.It becomes more difficult to suck the baby.The child does not sleep soundly and eats under the influence of alcohol.

woman think that her cancer filled with milk.In fact, the beer is accumulated in the tissues, leading to their swelling.Tide milk actually is only a self-suggestion.

Beer inhibits lactation, as well as the nervous system of the baby.Before the age of three the child's body is vulnerable, it is unable to filter the harmful substances.Fusel oil and other impurities can influence the further development of the child.

Expressing will not help get rid of the presence of alcohol in breast milk.Just after the decrease of its level in the blood, and it will disappear from the milk.Therefore, the question of whether you can or can not drink beer while breastfeeding, remains on the conscience of a young mother.

Benefit or harm?

incompetent moms claim that "live" beer contains a lot of vitamins.And they enter the body of the baby.Indeed, in the unfiltered beer contains minerals and trace elements.But the action of fusel oils and ethanol would negate all the benefits of the drink.In beer, intended for long-term storage, the nutrients are virtually absent.Instead - fragrances and preservatives.

In addition, beer breastfeeding, getting into the body of the child, can cause irregular heartbeat and respiration, cause intestinal colic.

Constant reception of alcohol will result in:

  • to lose weight baby;
  • to disturbances in the nervous system;
  • to stop development (physical, mental);
  • to inflammation of the digestive system.

Why beer?

beer because of its smell the bread reminds nursing mums vitamins B. They needed during lactation as improve metabolism, improve skin tone and blood vessels, stimulate the nervous system.Vitamin D, contained in brewer's yeast, strengthens bones, teeth toddler and his mother.

Therefore smell intoxicating drink makes you want to drink a glass.In fact, better reconsider your diet, adding the necessary components.

Dairy products, whole grain bread, green vegetables, bran, liver, nuts, seeds are a source of B vitamins B.

Vitamin D can be found in seafood (mackerel, herring, cod liver oil and halibut), dairy products, oatmeal,parsley.

Why drink beer while breastfeeding, if necessary vitamins can be found in the products?Worth to jeopardize the health of the child?


Before afford a glass of beer, keep in mind that kids under 3 months have immature livers.Their nervous system is very sensitive to alcohol.Therefore, until the child is 3 months old, it is strictly forbidden to take any alcoholic beverages.

specialized in the works of foreign authors is an affirmation that can be brewed with breastfeeding after the child reaches 6 months.A single dose of soft drinks once a week will not harm.The decision on the admission of beer or wine remains for the nursing mother.

get older, the child develops more space: an active crawling, trying all sorts of toys to the language and trivia.Baby Care and fidget require special attention.Dullness alcohol reaction mother can lead to injury of the baby.

Komorowski about beer

Dr. Komarovsky anxious mothers often ask: "Can you beer while breastfeeding?". Eugene O. assures that there is no ban on beer does not exist.And there are pluses and minuses of this drink.


  • natural ingredients (hops, barley, brewer's yeast);
  • presence of vitamins group B.


  • presence of alcohol, preservatives and other harmful substances.

Dr. Komorowski confirmed that the increase in lactation after ingestion of beer - a myth.Graduated drink does not affect milk production.

Glass of beer will not bring devastating consequences to the body of the child.But the experiment during lactation is not necessary.Therefore, Dr. Komarovsky offers the best option: if you really want a beer, you can consume non-alcoholic.Not tins, in which a lot of preservatives and bottles.But even in this case should be limited to one-time admission.

Prohibitions with alcohol

If a nursing woman decided to afford a few glasses of this drink, you should remember the following rules.

  • Do not feed the baby while intoxicated.
  • After drinking do not take the baby to bed.
  • Do not drink alcohol on an empty stomach.
  • Consider your weight (in obese women decomposition products displayed faster).

should know that alcohol changes the taste of milk.Therefore, the baby may refuse to feed.In addition, the liquor in the milk is at least useful substances.This means that the child does not receive the necessary minerals and vitamins.

If you can not, but really want

If you can not give up the alcohol during the holiday or want to relax before going to bed, then allowed one serving of beer, wine (volume - up to a glass).

Can beer while breastfeeding? Yes, but under certain conditions.

  • express milk for feeding the baby a few times.Expressed milk without losing its beneficial properties, it is stored in the refrigerator for a day, in the freezer - a month.
  • feed the baby immediately before taking alcohol.
  • not drink beer or wine on an empty stomach.
  • not breastfeed after taking alcohol from 12 to 24 hours (if drunk a few glasses) or from 3 to 6 hours (when drunk a glass of beer).

A small dose of alcohol the drink will not harm your baby and give pleasure to his mother.Another thing, if beer is consumed daily.Regular impact of alcohol on the body of the child causes lethargy, apathy, increased flatulence, slows the development of gross motor skills.

Can nonalcoholic beer while breastfeeding? Alcohol and quality, it will not harm the child.But in this case should not be abused.

health and development depend on the crumbs diet mother, saturation, it needs milk proteins, trace elements and vitamins.A single dose of amber drink is compatible with breastfeeding.But if you can keep from eating it, better to give it up and preserve the health of the baby.