What is the PCB: decoding, the scope of the term

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Every company wants to receive a steady income and want as long as possible to stay on the market.To achieve this helps increase the competitiveness of products (services), which will undoubtedly contribute to the improvement of PCBs (transcript of the term will be given below).And for these purposes is mainly used to achieve scientific and technological progress.In addition, to perform the tasks will help increase the efficiency of the process, forcing the mismanagement, the manifestation of its own initiatives as well as intensification of business.It should be noted that the implementation of these tasks is possible only at improving the PCB (transcript - production and economic activity).The article analyze in detail this concept.

What are PCBs?Explanation

To understand the meaning and find trends in the development of the enterprise, you must decide what is to be reform in the economy of the company.It is important to know what methods to improve the industrial and economic activities must be used.As is known, increased PCB is achieved through financial, human or material investments.However, it should be noted that the leading role in this process operate fixed assets (ie the means of labor that have monetary value).

Increased economic efficiency

PCB enterprise analysis indicates that economic efficiency depends on the level of fixed assets.In this case it means that in the production process as a means of labor used property.It is worth noting that the company did not take into account the items used in the production of less than one year.At the same time the cost does not matter.To increase the volume of production should be primarily to improve the use of fixed assets.Thus it is possible to significantly reduce the amount of social labor.Analysis of PCBs shows that the fixed assets in the process form a production and technical base.This directly affects the power of the company.

Types of fixed assets

After entering the company, these assets are transferred to the operation.Naturally, with this process, they wear out, repaired, moved or written off due to inappropriate their further use.To achieve the best turnover funds, it requires first and foremost to increase the time they work.This is achieved by reducing downtime, increasing productivity and return on assets (through the use of new production technologies).Fixed assets - depending on the purpose and functional characteristics - are divided into the following types:

  • buildings (including exterior construction of the economic value);
  • facilities (facilities engineering and construction supplies needed for production facilities);
  • machinery and equipment (such as power, and the nature of working);
  • transmission devices (heat and electricity);
  • objects of environmental and land owned by the company on the rights of property;

  • laboratory equipment, as well as regulating and measuring instruments;
  • computer computing machinery;
  • tools (these include only independent objects that are not part of any cell);
  • vehicles (ie, machinery and equipment intended for the movement of goods, materials and people);
  • inventory of economic and industrial purposes;
  • other (crops, livestock, etc.).

apply to the list of material investments to improve land and leased facilities.

PCBs in the army

should be noted that PCBs, deciphering of which is shown above, has another interpretation.Thus, the concept of the armed forces represents Parco economic daily, that is, any day of the week, when the process of restoring order, cleaning of adjacent territories and premises (regardless of their destination).And often this process is assigned to the output, for example, on Saturday.

main tasks

main objectives pursued by the Parco economic daily, are to determine the general state of military equipment and weapons.When identifying any shortcomings crews, drivers or professional repairers make troubleshooting.However carefully inspect the amount of fuel (as in tanks, and warehouses) and its quality.Monitored consumers and energy sources, to determine the exact availability of spare parts.In addition, the PCB includes repair of internal roads and fencing of the park, bringing order to the park areas on the territory of the military town, shoe repair and personal belongings, conducting restoration of furniture, equipment, barracks equipment and so on.