Black Market: essence, types and state of the art

where there is some resolution, there exist restrictions and prohibitions always arouse a desire to circumvent them.One of the integral parts of the economy is the black market.What it is, whether it has any advantages for the country and individual citizens and how participants are punishable trafficking, it will be analyzed in this article.

What is the black market and how it is formed

When there are tight restrictions or a ban on trade in any commodity, there are always people who want to receive it.

There is a demand - there is proposal, that's emerging black market.People who can get the desired product, offer it to others in different ways and get a profit.It should be noted that the trade in black is much more profitable than legitimate, and the seller and the buyer.First, the seller sets the price itself, ignoring the antitrust laws and the rules dictated by the market.If this is a special commodity, then it may not be competitive, and, consequently, prices are set just space.For the buyer, the deal on the black market profitable because the price of goods exclude the payment of taxes and government fees, which reduces the cost of a few.Secondly, on the black market, you can get anything that may be prohibited by the laws of the state or society, from drugs to human organs.

Who controlled the black market

Besides members, the driving force of the black market are its organizers.Usually the goods for sale on the black market smuggling interconnected - where else is taken, for example, weapons or drugs in circulation?It is not difficult to guess that controls the black market and organized crime.

very same deed of conveyance of goods going through a very slozhnoformiruemye communication with intermediaries buyers or sellers, and it is not surprising, because all the participants of illegal operations have become objects of persecution by the state authorities control.

What can be bought on the black market

Also completely harmless types of goods that are prohibited by the state for one reason or another, on the black market you can buy men and ammunition.Examples of such markets:

1. Alcohol.Despite the fact that "flammable liquid" is allowed to sell in most countries, for the inhabitants of those places where there is a prohibition, alcohol is only available on the black market.Today it is the Muslim countries, where even possessing alcohol is cause for detention.

2. The black market weapons.According to official data, legal sale of weapons is much higher than its turnover and ammunition on the black market.Yet such a market operates since the eighties of the last century.

3. Trade in stolen antiques and works of art.It occurs mainly through online auctions and closely monitored by the authorities, to bring to justice both the seller and the prospective buyer.

4. Rare species of reptiles, birds and animals, the sale of contraband black and red caviar.Besides that these crimes are immoral, the participants of this trade can go to prison for a term of 3 years.

5. Sales people - slave.One of the most serious crimes that exist.In some countries, for the slave trade the death penalty.

6. prostitution, the sale of sexual services.

7. Sale of erotic materials, pornography, where it is forbidden.

8. sale of human organs for operations (klonlegerstvo).Most often, donors are quite ordinary people and children who are the targets of abduction.

9. Sale of counterfeit documents.Punishable by law in any country, the term of imprisonment - from 3 years.

10. Sale of drugs.Punishable by law, not only sellers but also buyers.

11. Sale of software hacking software.

How was the sale on the black market in Soviet times

If the trade is illegal, the operations of purchase and sale are carried out in a somewhat different way, rather than the usual, familiar to buyers.During the Soviet era, when it was banned not only alcohol, but even the usual jeans and other imported products, "black market" was so widespread that even the people appeared stable expression designating illegal trade, "to get through connections", "buyunder the counter "," trade through the back door "," to get out from under the counter. "

It was no coincidence, since the sport in fashionable things, buy good equipment, book, record overseas could only clandestinely, through friends, in rented apartments and through nominees, because speculation is prosecuted and punished with imprisonment.

has also been extended to the profession of "black marketeer", that is, a speculator imported things ("the company").It should be noted that they traded not only genuine goods from abroad, but also personally made in the so-called "workshops" consumer goods for profit.

How is the illegal trade today

criminal offense of illegal trade in products made today very different ways than before, although the essence has not changed.Where the black market works and how you can find contraband?

The most popular way is to use the Web.Forums, chat rooms, community topic of interest - everywhere there are both simple curiosity, and people related to illegal business.In addition, often auctions are held where you can buy the stolen works of art.It is only necessary to know what resources go.

Once a potential buyer and seller of smuggling find each other, they can meet on neutral ground, usually with the assistance of a mediator, and to make a deal.