Area UK: interesting facts about the amazing country

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habitual name - United Kingdom - does not quite match this interesting country name.In fact, this is a constitutional monarchy lengthy prim name - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

acquaintance with the country

unusual location of the state of the British Isles and the separation of the European continent by the North Sea, the powerful English Channel and the Pas-de-Calais create enough separation and united England, Scotland and Wales with Northern Ireland.Abbreviated name of the country - Great Britain - contains all the combined territory of simplifying the cumbersome phrase "United Kingdom".The area of ​​the UK is 243,610 square kilometers, its population - 63.396 thousand. People.Law of the country Queen Elizabeth II.

history of formation of the state

Formation monarchy lasted for many years.During the Middle Ages the area of ​​present-day British occupied several small states.Eleventh century Norman conquest and combined them into a single feudal state, located in present-day England.Priraschivaya new territory, the kingdom British captures Wales, and from the sixteenth century, it is part of the country.The seventeenth century brought significant changes - state management was carried out by Scottish royal dynasty, in the eighteenth century, this led to the unification of the country under a single name - United Kingdom.Top of the nineteenth century was marked by the accession of the State of the island of Ireland, then ruptured to Northern Ireland to remain part of the Kingdom and a separate independent country Ireland.Such composition and size of the UK remain today.

political influence

should be noted that since the seventeenth century, British influence is becoming very important in the world and the colonies, contributing to the spread of the English language and the introduction of forms of government.Economic growth spurt and high production with the use of machines in the progressive nineteenth century made the UK the world's largest supplier of industrial products.Currently, there has been some weakening of the country associated with the collapse of the colonial British Empire and access to the arena of other developed countries - the US, Japan and Germany.It is undeniable and immense political power of the State, in spite of the small area occupied by them.Great Britain, or rather its government, is peculiar to well thought out business management, preserving her reputation as a wise modern politician.

Variety landscape

topographic features of the landscape is the division of the country into two categories: in the north and west of Britain is High, provided dissected mountainous uplands interspersed with small lowlands.Low Britain - with a predominance of plains has several mountain - occupies the south-eastern part.UK tend to lack of clear boundaries between these areas, and the imagination of the traveler changes significantly affect several types of terrain for several hours of travel.

rainy and foggy High Britain, lives up to its northwest location, consists of six towering above sea level areas, interspersed with three lowlands.It gradually becomes a vast zone of Low Britain, which is the Lancashire-Cheshire plain, the Midlands and the valley of York.The common feature of these areas is fertile soil.The area of ​​the UK in the accommodates all kinds of landscapes, mountainous and lowland areas.


fairly mild climate of the country is due to close proximity to the North Atlantic Current.The predominance of westerly winds in summer provides a flow of cool comfort, and in winter the warm air from the Atlantic.The average summer temperature is 29 ° C, -7 ° C in winter.Rarely, extreme summer temperatures rises to 38 ° C and frost in winter to -18 ° C.

Snowfalls and frost are here, especially in mountainous areas, but in the plains and lowlands freezing temperatures are only 30-40 days a year, the snow is not more than 10-15 days, and in the cities - 5 days per year.The average July temperature in the capital is 17 ° C, on the Isles of Scilly - 16 ° C, in Holyhead - 15 ° C, and the north coast of Scotland is not happy hot weather - at least 13 ° C.In the British Isles, as a rule, there is no drought.For carrying out agricultural work a sufficient amount of rain falls.

area of ​​the UK in 2014 of almost 244 thousand square in the British Isles Albion is often referred to as the constitutional monarchy - an extraordinary and mysterious country, where everything interesting: the state system, climate, architecture, traditions and people.