K. Vorobiev, "were killed near Moscow."

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most famous work K. Vorobyov became the story "were killed near Moscow", a summary of which is given below.It describes the events of November 1941, when there were defensive battles for the capital.

to the front

Roth 240 Kremlin cadets led by Captain Rumin second day on the road.Young, healthy, all as on selection, they are ready for feats.The front of the children seemed more than that, consisting of fire, concrete, human flesh.During air raids all but the captain, fell in unison.Ryumin looked at the top of cadets, which was kind of a role model.So begins the story of K. Vorobiev "killed near Moscow."

Summary campaign complements a meeting with stacks located at the clover special squad of the NKVD, which overlooks the major superiority checked documents and allowed to follow in the direction of the fighting.

on the distant approaches to the capital

stopped at a small village, where he joined the regiment of militia.We dug in and prepared to meet the enemy.Of weapons - only rifles, Molotov cocktails, grenades.

fourth platoon led by a young lieutenant Alex Hawks, still believed that he was promoted.The new overcoat he felt his significance and tried his best to sound like Ryumin.

shock to the heroes of the story "were killed near Moscow", a summary of which you are reading, was the meeting with the troops came out of the environment: the students first saw a retreat from the front.Especially shocked appearance of Major General Pereverzev, who could not overcome the moat.To the question: "Where is the front?"- He said, "And where are you?" Soon, the captain realized that the Germans broke through the defenses.At night, a company led in combat readiness.

first fights

morning there were enemy aircraft.In the fourth platoon came politruk Anisimov, who was at the time of the shelling.The psychological state of lieutenant and students who fell under the hail minute description of the death political officer and six soldiers, the first of the platoon were killed near Moscow, - a summary of the next chapter.First Yastrebov wanted to hide, but after realizing what is happening there was a desire to stand up to the end.

Ryumin in the morning gave a report to the headquarters of intelligence and received a verbal order to retreat.But the captain did not trust words.A roar of tanks not far confirmed that the regiment was surrounded.The only correct solution for the captain was now offensive.After burying the dead, a company was preparing to attack the Germans occupied the village.

Everything happened fast: the Cadets defeated the enemy caught off guard.The author shows what is going through the perception Yastrebov.The pictures of death and the first murder of a German, the turmoil in which no one knew the joy that he was alive ... Not once noted how believable conveyed feelings of the characters in the story of K. Vorobyov.

¬ękilled near Moscow": a summary of the climax and denouement

inspired students retreated to the woods.Here they were caught and enemy aircraft.Powerful shelling replaced by tanks and infantry.

The Alex is feeling drowned fear that made jump into the funnel.There lay student, who asked him to kill: it's better than a prisoner.Lieutenant suddenly realized how many faces death and how he acted treacherously, just now remembering the platoon.When out of the pit, Yastrebov wanted nothing but the body was a stranger.

six out of the battle, including Ryumin.Soon we came to the stacks, where they met with Major.The next morning, the captain shot himself, and decided to bury him.At this point there were tanks.Students rushed to the stacks, which the enemy immediately destroyed.Alex, remained in the grave, set fire to one car.Getting out of backfilled holes, he collected weapons and headed northeast.The desire to walk, fear of the meeting, the joy of that lively, and resentment that no one saw him set fire to the tank, fatigue ... All these feelings were mixed, and the sobbing of the word "bitch ... Thin ..." helped to go.The captain, three lieutenants, two hundred and forty students - as fighters for five days was killed near Moscow.

Summary does not allow to fully convey the horror of what is happening, so these books should be read completely.