Manga "Poisonous Mushroom": the story of one girl's transformation

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main character, whose name is pleasant - Kinoshita IARC suffers from what is ugly appearance, and therefore becomes an outcast at school.Hard existence girl constantly accompanied by ridicule, bullying on the part of friends.Even the closest people, especially brother, treat her with disrespect and classmates gave her a nickname - Poisonous Mushroom.Still, with the help of a close friend Fuvari-chan, as well as the school beauty queens Kumada Tenyuu future Kinashity Mairu can significantly change.Home

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Manga "Poisonous Mushroom" - is the story of a cute girl who is in trouble and embarrassing feeling among friends and classmates.The reason it became ugliness Kinashita Mairu, which is why it no one pays attention.Moreover, behind the girl insulted.

Her friend and the king of the local beauty school girls understand the situation and try to help her.Once she comes to school with a new hairstyle and makeup that completely transforms the appearance Mairu.Even many of my classmates took her unfamiliar excellent student.

However Kinashita begins to take revenge for past grievances and troubles.This behavior Tenyuu surprised, because he helped transform the girl is not for vengeance, but for her life better.He wanted to be forgotten is the unpleasant nickname - Poisonous Mushroom.Manga (readmanga) shows the development of the new history of the protagonist, tells about a man who changed not only externally but also internally.

main intrigue is how to turn life Mairu: whether it is similar to their abusers, whether its good looks match her inner world?

artistic artwork

Manga "Poisonous Mushroom" is a story suitable more teenagers whose interest is anime.Similar stories can be found in many books and films, where "Monster" is transformed into a beautiful girl, which resembles a fairy tale of Cinderella.

But for most fans, this story becomes quite intriguing and fascinating, as evidenced by the huge number of views that receives manga "Poisonous Mushroom".Ridmanga replete with lots of humorous situations that enliven the work and make it fabulous.This feature clearly distinguishes this story from other creations of Japanese writers.

characters and their relationships

Manga "Poisonous Mushroom", as we recall, tells the story of Kinashity IARC unhappy girl who does not appeal to others.With the help of his friends, it changes the appearance of makeup, hairstyle and a new style that transforms her life.

However, the nature and behavior of the girls begin to differ from the past.Her friend - Komada Tenyuu - a very positive and good character, which is not like the other characters in the anime.His compassion and understanding have helped to change the main character, but also continue to develop their relationship?

friend Kinashity - Fuvari-chan as Tenyuu, helping her in any situation.Other characters have to communicate with the girl and interested in it only after it has changed, and before that nobody noticed.In general, the main range of events unfolding between IARC and Tenyuu Fuvari-chan.And it contains the friendship, love, compassion and understanding.

drama and romance

essence of the story is that Kinoshita thinks of himself.Showing how thin and just felt that it invisible, and her desire to change and become better - the main purpose of life.

Due to some circumstances, it is understood that to live in the shadows, when everything you say ugly - that's not what she wants, and therefore, the heroine seeks the help of his close friend.It makes a beautiful makeup, hair, behaves differently only to find the guy and find a simple girl's happiness.Our main character is actually trying to change its position, makes Mairu feel very necessary and important for others.

main idea and the hidden meaning of history

interesting fact is that the majority of fans, including in our country, do not seek to find the translation in their native language, they are interested in manga in English."Poisonous Mushroom" - is not only fascinating and exciting story, but also an entire philosophical thought.Well, it was disclosed in the English translation, which perfectly demonstrates both the content and the inner world of the characters directly, their desires, feelings, expectations and aspirations.

those who are not fond of the works of Japanese writers, and know them only by the well-known names Murakami will be interesting to see the work of Satu smoke.His original humorous look at everyday things will compete with many works by European masters of the pen.