McDonald's: a franchise - business under a global brand

no secret that the most popular and successful fast food in the world is the American "McDonald's."Franchise entitles the company to open its own fast food restaurants under the most famous brands worldwide.Such popularity of "McDonald's" sought more than a decade, and therefore to the franchise, they are very demanding.To obtain a franchise, it is necessary not only to pay the money, you must also earn the trust and the location of this company.

little history

Corporation "McDonald's" was created over 70 years ago, namely in 1940.The first fast food restaurant opened the McDonald brothers - Dick and Mac.Hence the name - "McDonald's."Franchise restaurant that has already been acquired in 1954 by Ray Kroc, who after 7 years became the full owner of the fast-growing company.Today, fast food chain has grown.Worldwide there are more than 30,000 restaurants in 120 countries.Many of them are located in the US.Most businesses are managed by franchisees.The card of "McDonald's" is a hamburger, which is worldwide known as the "Big Mac."

Franchise "McDonald's" in Russia

In 1990 in Moscow, opened the first "McDonald's" in Russia.At that time it was the largest in the world, today it is the largest fast-food restaurant in Europe.Moscow "McDonald's" has become incredibly popular among Russians, only the opening day it was visited by more than 30 000 people.It was a record worthy of Guinness Book of Records.People were willing to wait in line for several hours to just a snack to American junk food.After that, the whole of Russia swept a chain of restaurants, "McDonald's".The franchise, in turn, contributes to the rapid growth of the company.Today, there are already more than 350, with an annual open new US food service.

How to buy and how much is deductible, "McDonald's"?

Open business under the brand name "McDonald's" is not so simple.This requires huge funds.However, they must have their own, not borrowed.A potential buyer has several ways.The first way: it can buy ready-made food company or even an entire network, but it is costing him a pretty penny.The second option is based on the contract on franchising.That is the entrepreneur or the company after the transaction, the company opens its own power supply, which must meet the stringent requirements of the administration of restaurants, "McDonald's."The franchise will cost a tidy sum of $ 500 000 to $ 2 million.And that's not counting the cost of the purchase or lease of premises, equipment and staff training.Once the business earns a monthly parent company will have to pay an additional 4% of total revenue.Thus, to open a restaurant famous McDonald, will have to pay at least $ 3 million.But, as we are assured the owners of the company, the amount you can pay back in a year.Also do not forget that the main advantage of franchising - is no need to advertise your business, it has long done for you.