The basis for success - a skillful time management

main value of each human being is, oddly enough time.Despite the fact that now there are many tools that allow him to save, we often forget about it, carry out unnecessary work and as a result do not have time.Effective time management - a skill that is inherent not for everyone.For example, if you postpone the case until later and often distracted by unimportant things, you should learn time management, to the benefit and pleasure to spend minutes and hours of his life.

Planning time can start with in order to identify common errors that are characteristic of many.So often to perform a specific task, we do not allot a specific time.Many people believe that they will do it later (Monday, next month, and so on. D.), Without specifying when.To achieve its objective should be to determine the exact time, it is desirable that it was the most successful for this.It is worth to take into account their biological rhythms, and external factors.

Time management includes keeping diary.Do not rely only on your memory.Fixing the problems and affairs is an important step on the road to success.Equally important, a well-organized workspace than, unfortunately, can boast only one.Try to calculate how much time you spent searching for the right document or information, and you will understand that in a minute saved could be doing something more urgent, or just relax.

course, is that we have influence and external circumstances.Even before the planning time you do so that all have time, when the signs of illness or upon the occurrence of major changes in life (eg, after the birth of a child) can lose all your skills.Experts recommend that in this case, move away from the old passions and affairs at the time, which is necessary.We must remember that you are sure to have time to catch up, and when, after a holiday will be full of strength and energy.

Effective planning of work head can save precious minutes, without prejudice to the company and their personal lives.Psychologists recommend to perform the following exercise.It is necessary to draw a circle, which denotes a certain period of time.Now it should be noted portion (sectors).So, one part will designate a dream, the other - during working hours.Those cases that remain, should be assessed in terms of importance.You can then calculate at what lessons will save you time so that it was enough to communicate with the family, and leisure, and other household chores.

very important and skilful planning of working time management.Many workers complain about the excessive amount of securities that they have to fill.It should determine how you can reduce the time spent on this activity (for example, to develop a universal pattern in which only need to change certain numbers or other information, get acquainted with their suggestions and ideas of the head, and so on. D.).