Girl with a paddle

My friend Yasha has a wonderful girl Lida!Sportswoman, Komsomol and simply beautiful!One drawback - a little shy ... Especially she was afraid to get acquainted with his parents (Yasha and Lidochka first relations were rough, Yashin's mother saw Corvalol absentia and Lida worry is not without reason).

Prigogine One summer morning, my friend and I went to the lake and canoeing (important).The weather is clear, the mood - great!

On the way back met Lidochka, ate sushi, and ... it turned out that the house appeared near Yashin.Then Yasha be firm - introduce you to my parents, and that's it!No Lidino excuses are not accepted "that a stay (like a fool) in a car sitting in a parking lot ???"

we understand things hiking, life jackets, paddles and go to the house.At present Lidochka stupor, but she gathered the last strength in his fist and slow panic rushes moves us.I decided Lidochka little cheer, and jokingly said, "you know, with empty hands can not take it, then, paddle!"

To my surprise Lida did not smile, do not laugh, but silence gripped the oar with both hands and with mad eyes rose to the porch.(I'll note that the paddle for canoe - plastic and very easy)

So oil painting: Yasha with head held high and a smile: "Dad, Mom, and this - Lida, we are going to drink coffee!"And not the girl comes home and flowered so cute in dress, on her high heels, and with such a beautiful yellow oar in his hands!

"Well, come into the kitchen," she invited the mother and Lida, exciting smiling, goes to the kitchen with the same oars in hand and sits down at the table.

My friend well, very intelligent mother, she could not ask the awkward question of such an interesting akksesuare so limited, "Lida, and you, too, with the guys on the boat to swim?"What Lida replied simply: "No, no, not at all" and grabbed the paddle harder!

Well, we drink coffee and I, Yasha, Yashin's mother, an amazing coffee service, and Lida in a complete stupor, with a cup of coffee in one hand and a paddle in the other.As then told my mother - she was sooooo surprised, but did not say anything, I thought - can now so fashionable?

And then, I no longer able to hold back the laughter, said: "Lida, you know, I actually made a joke at the expense of the paddle. You would not have to take it to the house!"

She awoke as though from the faint and dizzy and could only babble: "What else OAR ???"

next five minutes I was running around the house in order not to get on the same Lidochka paddle person hurt in the face ... And everyone was laughing, you bastards!

In general, as they say, familiarity FAILED !!!

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