Signs: a swallow flew into the house - fortunately

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Swallows - a unique bird.At all times, different cultures and peoples worshiped them.Swallow appropriated the most unusual properties, they were considered the harbingers of change.In this regard, in folklore, there are many legends and proverbs will take about swallows.

Unreasonable signs

Begin many signs: "swallow flew into the house ...".Similar superstitions do not contain a grain of truth.Most often, the signs of the sample are fallacies and speculation.Here are some proverbs that you should not believe it, but some people are still superstitious horror try not to break:

1. Swallow flew over his shoulder low-low and touched him - death.

2. If the farmer intentionally kill a swallow, its economy will decline, and the cow instead of milk will give blood.

3. Anyone who dared to destroy the swallow's nest, will not be able to gather a good harvest from the fields.

Most sayings invented uneducated people, but acted out of humanitarian motives, wanting to protect the birds.In the villages, among simple peasants in the first place it was the kindness and mercy, so they seemed happier life, when lived under the roof of the bird.

Swallow since ancient times been an inalienable symbol of spring, as the flew just after the cold end.They were better than any modern calendars and weather forecasters.On their arrival determined the time of sowing of many cultures.The life of the people was closely linked to the migration of swallows, so the villagers were trying to come up with laws minds to somehow predict the future.

Some signs were foolish, some - tricky, but they were saying, haunting their regularity.Such predictions are always correct and fair.

Signs with scientific evidence

Signs: a swallow flew into the house - to the news

It has long been for anybody not a secret.But there are other signs that have deep meaning.

1. If a swallow flew into the house and made a nest under the roof, but soon left him - a bad sign.The fact that these birds have a flair, and if suddenly in trouble, natural disasters: earthquake, flood, cold snap, drought, etc. - Swallow tries to move to a more suitable place where you can safely deduce posterity.

2. If the swallow decided to build a nest under your roof - does not prevent it, and to your house will come good luck and prosperity.Due to its sensitivity to atmospheric swallow a presentiment always unforeseen disasters, and to be careful, you can protect yourself from harm.All you need to - to have in his house, and the swallow watch its behavior.

3. Low flight of swallows heralds rain.The scientific explanation of this proverb following: these birds prey on small insects, but before the rain humidity changes, and midges are trying to be lower to the ground.Swallows hunt grasshoppers, and so they also have to fly low.

4. Wait for trouble when a swallow flew into the house - a sign is not always true.There were times when the birds warned households distress: they flew around the house, fussed and cried.But such cases are rare.In the case of climate change, swallow simply leave the nest, but if they have known - you better!

Signs, "a swallow flew into the house ..." or "Swallow made a nest ..." are popular until now.People used to believe everything on the floor and not in a hurry to risk violating another superstition.One thing is certain: the signs "swallow flew into the house ..." will be a long time popular among the rural population.