What you need to know the programmer to turn pro

software developer engaged in writing programs for different types of computers.This is largely a creative profession requires a lot of skills, knowledge and experience.But the first thing you need to know the programmer, this is what the representatives have the personal qualities of the medium.The scope of information technology is not standing still and is growing rapidly.This specialist should always be aware of all the changes, which means that it needs a lot of interest and a tendency to self-education.

follows from the fact that the programmer needs to know is the English language.Every developer has them at least on the technical level, because with it will be easier to understand the team most programming languages.The fastest in the field of software development is developed foreign countries.Therefore, the English language is useful to get acquainted with the latest news in the area.

Today many departments of higher education institutions not only to explain in detail what it takes to become a programmer, but also immediately prepare specialists with the necessary basic skills in mathematics and physics.However, many developers claim that higher education in this field - not the main thing.More important is to be able to find creative and successful solutions in the process of working on tasks.

following items of what you need to know the programmer, will depend on the specialist area of ​​work.For example, a developer of sites is very important and has the skills to work with graphic editors, and knowledge of current web development language.One of them is PHP.

People who are thinking about how to become a PHP-programmer must understand that the basic knowledge of the language is not quite enough.To get a good job and decent pay you understand the PLO, which is used in the writing of popular frameworks and CMS.Data warehousing - the next step that you need to know the programmer PHP.

At the moment will be enough to get acquainted with the work of the most common databases - MySQL.This specialist is also unlikely to be able to do without language layout HTML and CSS.Despite the fact that PHP - the language of the server, it is connected with the assembly web starnitsah written in HTML.You will also need the knowledge and JavaScript syntax and understanding of the common frameworks - JQuery or ExtJS.Now easy to master all the advanced tools via numerous blogs and online courses.

Having the knowledge of what it takes to be a programmer, as well as owning them, you can select different fields of activity - writing a program to automate the company's business development and modernization of websites, applications.This does not necessarily work on a permanent place in any company.There is an opportunity to find interesting orders without leaving the house, or to organize your own business that can be a real source of success.However, such an undertaking would require additional knowledge in economics, project management, law.