When and how to register at the antenatal clinic?

Pregnancy for a woman - an event of her life.Buying toys and tiny clothes, greeting friends and family, the joy in his eyes.All should be happy future mother.But sometimes the nerves pass, especially when it comes to the issue Otomi how to register at the antenatal clinic.There is a bunch of nuances, but they will help you manage your health care.

When to go to the hospital

Come to the doctor as soon as possible positive test at least to specialist confirmed the pregnancy.But if you are sure you are all well, you can wait 8-10 weeks.Gestational age was calculated not from the time of sexual intercourse, when the child was conceived, and the date on which began last month.With this number will be considered as the first week of pregnancy.This method of calculation is useful for doctors is called "obstetric pregnancy."Doctors refer to the pregnancy two weeks before fertilization by sperm.

The fact is that every body is different, and it is normal for a healthy woman.Usually, the fruit born during ovulation or the day after it.But the system can be operated fail.Therefore ovulation does not always occur in the middle of the cycle.At what period you need to register with the women's clinic: once or waited 8 weeks, you decide.But most experts believe that the sooner an expectant mother went to the hospital, the better.

threats at an early period

doctor's opinion divided.Some say that you need to go to the hospital immediately after the detection of pregnancy, others are asked to wait 8-12 weeks.Often pregnancy is terminated at the first stage.This spontaneous miscarriage.Sometimes a woman does not even know she was pregnant a few weeks.In this case, the patient is doing unnecessary tests and vain hopes.But if you want to carry and give birth to a healthy baby, a visit to the gynecologist is needed at an early stage and determination on record in the women's clinic.On what term to be registered, and can answer the doctor who will confirm the pregnancy and to assure that it proceeds well.

Where to go?

can now be seen on the pregnancy in public health centers and in private.The second option is much more expensive, and does not give a 100% guarantee that you will get to really know their business specialist.The most common way - the public hospital.In this case, the "patron" every pregnant woman becomes a gynecologist, recorded over a certain area.

But if the expectant mother does not like it can go under the leadership of another doctor.If a pregnant Relocate and goes to another hospital, she needs to take places from the previous statement.


In order not to run the hospital and home, have something to prepare before you get registered in the antenatal clinic.The most important thing to remember - contact a gynecologist at your place of residence.

necessary to carry:

  • passport.
  • health insurance policy.
  • Map pension insurance.

With each document is first necessary to remove a photocopy because the doctor has no right to take away your originals.

If you pass the examination by a gynecologist, do not forget to bring a towel and shoe covers, not to buy them at the hospital.Most professionals give advice, so you can bring a paper and pen to write down the most important thing.On a woman give birth to two cards - the story of a pregnant individual and the exchange list.The first - for leading gynecologist.In it, he will appoint visits.The sheet will be given to you at time of 22-23 weeks.With it, you go to the hospital.In the future, the same paper will need to obtain financial assistance from the state in the birth of a child.

How to register in the antenatal clinic without a residence permit?It is of interest to many women.Refuse to provide health care services are not allowed, no hospital.You can go to the clinic, which is attributed to your husband, or medical facility in the area where rent an apartment.

Private medical centers

By law, you can seek help at any medical institution that has the appropriate level of accreditation.Today, private hospitals are nothing new.Therefore, many women prefer the more expensive and high-quality medicine.There's an expectant mother chooses a gynecologist, who will perform inspections.Prices in this institution depends on its level.How to register in the antenatal clinic of this type?Just as in the usual, the document list is no different.Please note, you need to have a card from the last outpatient medical facility.And find out whether this issue hospital documents that recorded during pregnancy.And if their competence to issue birth certificate.

your interview with a gynecologist

Pregnancy - a delicate matter.And so that it flowed well, it is, without hiding anything, talk to your doctor.Expectant mother must be prepared to answer questions about past illnesses, allergies that suffers.Importantly, whether chronic disease and surgery.You can not hide information about previous pregnancies and abortions.It may harm an unborn baby.How to register in the antenatal clinic and what documents are needed for this, tell the doctor.

However, the doctor will measure your height and weight, so calculate the weight that a woman can gain during pregnancy.The specialist will give direction to the general analysis of blood and urine.Expectant mother must be examined by an otolaryngologist, ophthalmologist and physician.If earlier there were problems with the pressure, it can also affect the pregnancy.We need to be a smear from the vagina.The analysis will reveal the infection, which can badly affect the baby.

doctors also give direction to the ultrasound.During the period of pregnancy, such procedures will be at least three.So we get up at antenatal clinics and learn all about the health of the future baby.

map pregnancy

Mistakes happen often, so it is not necessary to rely on the doctors.It is necessary to know yourself, and some of the nuances that will haunt you during pregnancy.Card pregnancy requires separate attention, so it's better before to be registered in the antenatal clinic, prepare in advance.

What will the card:

  1. Last name.
  2. age mothers.This point is important especially for young mothers and women stepped line in 35 years.
  3. information on biological father of the child is also important for good pregnancy.We need to know everything about his disease, he may refer the child, blood group and Rh factor.
  4. Company.If one of the parents work involves hazardous chemical production, it will also damage the fetus.Pregnant released or transferred in such cases to another, safer place.
  5. mother's medical history, which may be transmitted to the child.Gynecological diseases affecting pregnancy, is also taken into account.
  6. during the last pregnancy.If there is a history of complications, this iformatsii help the gynecologist to get away at this stage.


pregnant women who are working or studying, issued a sheet of disability and maternity leave.Its main task - to ensure the expectant mother the right to maternity leave and financial support.

It can be obtained from the gynecologist at the 30th week of pregnancy.Its duration - 140 days.Accordingly, it is 70 days before the birth of the child and the same after.In some cases, your doctor may increase the duration of the decree.

It is important to know how to register with the antenatal clinic and get sick.When complications and pathology of pregnancy often need to leave.For the issuance of certificates woman need to see a doctor and master to take with a document confirming her identity.

need a passport to the doctor to fill in the data in the certificate of incapacity for work.

Rights pregnant

In the medical field there are many laws.And most often, they on the side of human rights.Therefore, every pregnant woman should know a few basic items to protect its rights.How to register with the antenatal clinic for pregnancy, you already know.Now remember a few of their guaranteed by the law of opportunities, in the event, if any conflicts with the medical staff.

your debt - to register.Female consultation has no right to refuse you.Because it's illegal.You can attend any antenatal care, regardless of country of residence.You can also register at one hospital and examined in another.The range of services in all institutions and all patients should be provided the same.If a woman with child is not in possession of the card exchange, it is also obliged to take.Pregnant has the right to refuse hospitalization and medical intervention.

not be afraid to seem ungrateful, even though the law is harsh, but it is mandatory for all.Do not let you spoil the nerves.