How to stretch in the down feather bed after washing, if it is lost?

feather Owners know their wash often ends with bitter tears.Beautiful jacket or coat are transformed into a kind of bag.Taking downed clump from the washing machine, the girls start to blame yourself for being spared money on dry cleaning.But do not despair, it is better to ask how to spread fluff feather bed after washing.

Most often, these problems relate to the fact that disturbed drying technology.When the product becomes very thin, most likely, he was held upright and not shaken.Therefore, fluff crumpled and fell down.In addition, bad-dried material may smell unpleasant.

Carefully read the labels!

Practically all modern products have a label, which shows the features of care.As a rule, manufacturers recommend to wash down jackets at low temperatures, using gentle treatment.If a thing is good quality and well-stitched, the loss will be minimal.To avoid that, after washing down jackets fluff lost, along with the product can be put into the machine a few tennis balls.

How to behave after washing?

Immediately after the machine has finished washing, down jacket must be expanded in the horizontal position and its good nibble.So all the fluff that is crumpled, straightened.When the product becomes like a jacket, you need to give it to dry.

After a little moisture will go, down jacket can be hung on a hanger to dry.To fluff down, you should regularly pinch thing.Also, it prevents odor, which appears in the case when the product dries bad inside.

As dry item becomes easier, so spread lumps not be easy.To fluff in feather bed after washing does not get off, you can use the method, which is called "contrast drying."For this product, you must make the turn into the cold, the heat, not forgetting each time to shake up the filler.

additional spin

When the jacket is dry, it must be put into the washing machine along with tennis balls and turn on "Spin".After this thing must be thoroughly beat his hands on the analogy with a pillow and gently spread fluff.

Can iron product?

Some jackets have a special impregnation, which is indicated on the label.In this case, better to wash the thing in dry cleaning.Wrong actions at home can lead to the fact that it will lose its original appearance.But if you still decided to figure out how to stretch in the down feather bed after washing, ironing is necessary to adhere to the rules that the fabric does not lose moisture barrier properties.

Terms ironing

Before ironed jacket, make sure that exhibited minimal capacity.Temperature values ​​must be within 110 degrees.Wrong side can be ironed without gauze, but the front is better so as not to risk.

to achieve good results and understand how to stretch in the down feather bed after washing the iron, sprinkle the product is water - then it will be easier to remove wrinkles.If the iron is equipped with a steam function, it is possible to use it.

Down jacket should be hanged on the hanger so that it does not touch other surfaces.By setting the minimum temperature, you can start stripping.If you carefully handle the entire area, this will help avoid jams down.

If there is iron with a steam function, you can use a hot shower.The steam has to go near the product.When otyazheleet jacket and pick up moisture, it is necessary to move it into the room.Under the influence of a couple of thing straightened.It is important to ensure that the wet product was not crumpled.

How to dry down jacket?

Thinking about how to stretch in the down feather bed after washing, it is worth remembering that the drying of the product - it is quite time-consuming.But to delay this is not necessary, it is desirable to do so in the first two days after washing.It is important to provide good ventilation down jacket and warm air.In summer you can make a thing on the street or outweigh the balcony.

Up until the jacket is completely dry, it should be periodically shaking and beating.If the filler is matted, return it to its original state will be much harder.But much pull wet lint is not necessary, as this may cause damage to the bags, where it is located.This will lead to the fact that the filler will come out to the outside, that does not look very nice.

In the winter time to dry down jacket a little more complicated, because the room is often damp and cool.In this case, you can use the fan with hot air or a heater.

If necessary, expand the jacket is in a vertical position on the grid-dryer.We must see to it that he was well straightened and crumpled.To make it easier to understand how to spread fluff feather bed after washing, you should observe basic rules.Nothing can be put under the product, such as a towel or cloth.This will prevent air to circulate.To fluff do not stick together, the thing you need to slap and shake.

If fuzz lost ...

This situation - are not uncommon, so you need to know what to do if, after washing down jackets fluff lost.This is largely for those products which consist of 100% fluff.The main objective - is to break lumps, dry and evenly fill his place.Return down jacket original form in several ways:

  • patience and hands whipping each bag.
  • Put the jacket on the sofa, after placing it on the veil, and the product to beat beater.This will help break up lumps and distribute the filling on the jacket or coat.
  • Upload thing in the washing machine and put in a drum balls or small balls.Scroll at high speed, to get down jacket and shake it.
  • Dry product hairdryer, whisking hands.

vacuum drying

Faced with problems of drying the coat or jacket, not everyone knows how to stretch in the down feather bed after washing vacuum cleaner.For this product, you need to hang on the hanger and use a nozzle for wear.However, this method is suitable only when the vacuum cleaner is equipped with the blowing air.