Battle at the height of 776 (the Second Chechen War): historical facts

Battle for Height 776 (Chechen war) - the second clash of the DA (paratroop company) 2nd Battalion, 104th Airborne Regiment with a large group of militants led by Khattab, from 29 February to 1 March 2000.


is worth noting that this fight is associated a lot of different versions of the incident, a variety of investigations and so on.So far, not known how it all happened.Different as the number of fighters, and the words of Captain Romanov.Call the fire or scream into the radio that the paratroopers had been betrayed.In this article, the focus is on the official version about the battle at the height of 776. True or false - that we will never know.


Chechnya.The final third phase of the military operation of the federal forces to combat the guerrillas.A large group of fighters, numbering more than 3,000, has been blocked in the Shatoi district.In February, 22 to 29 numbers were fighting for Chatou.Surrounded, the Wahhabis attempted to escape from there.The attempt ended with the release of the two gangs led by Ruslan Galaev and Khattab.Intercept February 28 the height of East-Kord was sent 6th Airborne company of the 104th Regiment.Subsequently, it would lead to such an event, as the battle at point 776.


February 26 104th Regiment is assigned to the redeployment to the required height and the creation of barrier.

the morning of the 27th day of the 2nd Battalion is instructed to nominate in Ulus-Kert and blocking the area of ​​heights.

28.02.2000, the second PRD ordered Colonel Melentyeva: take the height of East-Kord.Molodov commander sends a reconnaissance team of 12 people, and he remained with the main forces at the height of 776. It was decided to build a strong point.

At 12 o'clock the next day reconnaissance engages the militias.This forces her to retreat to the positions Molodova.

At 16.00 the same day the battle began at the height of 776. On March 1, 7:00 am the battle was over.84 paratroopers were killed.

Before the fight

Hoping to return to their base even in the evening, Mark Mark Yevtyukhin, acted as battalion commander, decides to go on the march with Major Molodovo, who recently arrived in the part and just started to learn.

One of the errors of such historical events as the Battle for Height 776 (the second Chechen war) was the fact that the company went to the march without any preliminary reconnaissance.The men got out of the location with everything you need for arrangement of the camp.

in the way a company is very stretched.Vanguard Group is a division of scouts Lieutenant Vorobyev.They walked a kilometer from the main unit.Mark Yevtyukhin According to estimates, at this rate the fighters had come to a height of 776 only late at night.

After the company came to the designated place, it was decided to establish a foothold, and toward the desired height send reconnaissance.

When fighters took the fight at a height of 776 firing points and positions have not yet been properly equipped.

During the battle

29.02.2000, 11.00.Scouts Lieutenant Vorobyov reported on a group of militants.With a few volleys of artillery spotter on a tip Romanov came to destroy the enemy.When

Intelligence Department was to move forward, someone caught stretching.It later emerged that the wounded Sergeant Medvedev.To clarify what happened Molodov takes a few fighters and extends to the group.When the soldiers get to the place starts pounding.Vorobyov, was wounded in the neck by a sniper militants is to communicate a strong point and said that they are under fire from snipers.

When the Wahhabis is becoming more and more dense fire, reconnaissance begins withdrawal to positions at a height, to the place, which for many will be the last of fighters - height 776. Photos after the fight show that was not prepared 6-Single company to so many fighters.

meantime march was not yet over, and most fighters only rises to a height, without knowing anything about what was happening.

small digression

2nd Battalion, in which was 6 company, always standing in the so-called blocks, so the paratroopers just did not have the experience of marching outputs, such as the soldiers of the 1st Battalion, who frequently raidedinto the mountains.

While Colonel Sergei Baran learned about the injury Medvedkov, he sought an order for the descent to the foot of the mountain and the provision of medical care for which he received a "good".With the reserve soldiers and the commander medroty Knyazhishche he moved to Selmentauzenu.He also requested assistance from the first company, which was nearby but was denied (the words of Colonel Ram) as the reports of Mark Yevtyukhin evolved that everything is under control.Alexei Vorobyov reported about the enemy, the upcoming "waves" of 50-70 people.

Even in the evening the militants continued the assault as a result of Colonel Baran received an order: to bring all combat-ready soldiers of the 1st company and advance to the aid blocked at the height 6oevoy company.There are three versions of what happened after.

The first detachment was ordered not to intervene in the battle and retreat, which is absolutely pointless.Secondly, when contacted by radio with Mark Yevtyukhin, he said that no support is needed.Third, soldiers were pressed tight (it happened too late - in the morning on March 1) and the fire of the enemy could not break through.It turned out they have it only on March 2nd.This battle at the height of 776.

What was going directly to the altitude?

rest of the day did not stop the attack.There were short breaks when militants carried away the wounded.In such intervals was carried out mortar and sniper fire on the positions of paratroopers.

On the night, from about 23.20, the storm intensified.Thanks to spotters on the militants Romanov was put over 1,000 regimental artillery volleys.

Even then Battle for Height 776 bout 104 Parachute Regiment, who will remain forever in the history of the country has killed more than thirty men.

By the next morning, about 3-5 hours, the storm abated, though Wahhabis continued to attack groups.Then Mark Yevtyukhin contacted by Major A. Dostovalova and asked for help.That was one and a half kilometers away from the combat zone.Major and his group immediately responded, reached positions of companies, extending the defenses for several hours.

next attack was the most massive.The militants were not ducking.They came so close that one of the lines began a close fight.Later on the battlefield by the militants will find remnants of drugs.

When the militants were a few steps away from the reference point, Mark Yevtyukhin decided to call the fire itself.

On the morning of the same day the second company never hear from us.


battle at the height of 776 unofficial version.Here it is necessary to make a digression.According to some versions, supposedly the last words of Mark Yevtyukhin was: "You have betrayed us."And it is not a word about the request artillery fire on himself.And there was no attempt to somehow help the dying company.However, it should be noted that tools such as aviation and regimental artillery, could not be applied in those circumstances in which the battle took place at a height of 776, for the reasons for his opportunity to get in due to poor visibility.A spread of the regimental artillery shells hitting the fraught position their fighters at a distance and areas such as the height of 6 776. Fight company was to support the first company, but it was ambushed (another version) and under massive enemy fire near the riverAbazulogol.Even with the support of self-propelled artillery regiment fighters and helicopters first company able to break through the enemy fire only in the morning the next day.

Thus, only on March 2 cover group of 80 (from the 1st Company) group of people and the evacuation of 50 (4th company) were able to break through to the positions.

Results battlefield

Height was taken by militants.Vorobyov personally killed one militant commanders - Irdisa.Of all the company staff of 90 fighters survived six people.According to different estimates of the total number of militants, including the rear, the mortar crew was around 2000. 350 - 600 Mujahideen were killed during the time when the battle lasted at point 776.

Combat: Interesting Facts

Lieutenant Kozhemyakin ordered soldiers displacement and Suponinskomuso they jumped into the open.They jumped and the next day went to his.

Komarov Khristolyubov were in the platoon, who had just climbed the mountain.

Vladykin Eugene joined the dogfight with the enemy, was hit with the butt and lost consciousness.Later he woke up and went to her.Stunned and was wounded soldier Tymoshenko.

When one of the soldiers fled, Senior Lieutenant Sotnikov took 3 men and set out to find.The detachment returned to the reference point of the 1st Battalion and gave the fugitive.By this time the battle is already seething vengeance.

Later it became known that the second company resisted the best units of the Mujahideen, which consisted of professional mercenaries from Arab countries.

conferring the title

So going battle against militants 19-20 year old boys - at the height of the battle 776. Pskov region - the birthplace of heroes who have the courage to stop the militants with their lives.They performed before the end of the task that was set.

Hero of Russia - 22 people (21 - posthumously)

Order of Courage - 68 (63 - posthumously)

It is safe to say that the deed has not been forgotten.Until now, requests "Height 776", "photos after the fight," "the second company" remain very popular.