891 day courage of Leningrad.

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Siege of Leningrad, the current St. Petersburg, was perhaps one of the most serious challenges that befell the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War.This is truly a feat of courage and perseverance, faith and hope, faith and fortitude - 891 days of Leningrad courage.Leningrad will remain an eternal monument to fight on the last breath.

Setting cultural capital

plan military conquest of the USSR, known as the Plan "Barbarossa", was approved by Adolf Hitler at the end of 1940.Military Company in the East, to convince the military rate was to be completed in autumn 1941.On the capture of the three groups were sent to the German army - "North" was aimed at Leningrad, "Center" was to occupy the capital, in the direction of Kiev was sent to Army Group "South".

northern capital, Hitler gave the same meaning as Moscow.And it was true - there were more than three hundred of the large industrial enterprises.The town with a population of 3.2 million people has been an important strategic artery.They produce a quarter of the goods heavy engineering industry.In addition, the city has focused a powerful defense complex.

Home blockade

blockade officially began on September 8, when he was taken Shlisselburg (Petrokrepost).Blocked source Neva cut off the city from the land.All rail, water, and auto service was eliminated.Communication with the city was preserved only by air.Above the sky Leningrad and then unfold fierce fighting.It lasted 891 days.Courage Leningrad enough to ensure that not a single day to complain and steadfastly endure all the hardships.

Leningrad, like any major metropolis, provide food, they say, with the wheels.Therefore, stocks that were in the city and who so thoroughly destroyed the fascist aviation and artillery, would be enough for a few days.After a short time, the city began to overcome hunger - a faithful ally of the enemy.It was made almost a sure payment - some really tried to escape from hunger and constant bombing fled to the German trenches.Yet the vast majority suffered privations exactly 891 days.Courage Leningrad even in the most severe, severe winter days do not shake the worsening situation of the city.

road of life

starvation and cannibalism began to appear in November.Funeral urban services only picked up on the streets of a hundred corpses.Rations of bread regularly declined.Himself bread by the end of the year was half of the pulp.Given the almost constant bombings in the city a day were dying to 4 thousand people.In addition, the test has become terrible and cold - Fuel in the city, too, left.Stoves drowned all that could be found.

dear life was Ladoga lake: in the warm season of swimming brought him food, and in winter - on ice.While the lake is not covered by them, the city was completely cut off.Crossing constantly shelled.And despite the danger, the town supplied the necessary supplies to last.891 days of Leningrad courage and incredible strength of spirit enough not to surrender the city.

attempts to break the blockade were undertaken immediately after the formation of the ring, but ended in failure and heavy losses.Breakthrough success only in the first half of January 1943, when surrounded by a wide corridor was broken 8-11 kilometers.By that time the population of Leningrad, there are about 800 thousand people, many were evacuated.Fully blockade was abolished a year later.

891 day courage of Leningrad ... The analysis of the events and the study of Hitler's plans in the case of taking the northern capital (which happened much later) leaves no doubt: it was necessary to defend the city, and all the terrible trials and a great fight was not in vain.