How to disable autorun in the system and whether it is necessary to do

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In connection with the penetration of the Internet in all spheres of our lives more and more attention has to be given to protecting your computer.And it concerns not only the installation of anti-virus programs, but also other security techniques.Practice shows that the cause of the infection of machines inexperienced users most often banal autostart.

Thus, most experts strongly advised to disable the autoplay on all your home PCs, as not otherwise excluded various troubles.Especially useful to do this when you regularly use flash drives, which come from different sources.They are the cause of every second infection.Unfortunately, malicious programs that use this way of introduction to the system, there are many.Not all anti-virus applications can prevent this phenomenon in full.

But how to disable autorun on your computer?Perhaps make it too difficult for a beginner?In fact, nothing complicated about it.The easiest and quickest way to turn off the automatic start from removable media is performed as follows: go to the "Start" menu, to find there the "Control Panel", which are looking for the item "Auto".It is necessary to remove the check box "Enable Autoplay for all devices."So you can disable the auto-run XP, as well as other operating systems Vindovs.However, this method can not be called very reliable.

Where truer method off the automatic start is to use Group Policy.To do this, click on the "Start" button, to find there the line "Run" and enter the command to «gpedit.msc».If you do not have this line, you must simultaneously press the Windows (this is the button with the logo Vindovs) and the key R (keyboard layout is not important).You will see all the same window "Run", in which the team is driven.

dialog box Group Policy, which we will use in order to disable Autorun.Choose a policy of "local computer" from the drop down list, find "computer configuration", reveal the item "Administrative Templates", which must have item "System".Is not it a way reminiscent of the tale of the death of Koshchey?But we digress.In the system tab in the right-hand side of the dialog box will be a long list of where to find the desired item off the automatic start.

We click on the item "Turn off Autoplay" twice, choose the option "Enable", and then in the dropdown list below looking function banning all removable media.Click the OK button.All!Your computer is protected against the ingress of pests through removable drives.

However, we must say at once that the newcomers do not get too far away to climb a remote politicians XP.Disable Autorun is simple, but if you get carried away in his research, it is possible to deactivate the desired functions, which in most cases leads to an inability to install applications and games from the physical media.