Women in Islam: disenfranchised property or a full member of society?

accepted that a woman in Islam is nothing more than the undivided property of men, whether father, husband or brother.However, it is not so.Attitude to women in Islam more than a good and much better than it was at the time among the other religions.For example, the Christian church in its time considered a real devil devil woman and her beauty - a major sin.The same attitude can be seen in the history of other religions.

But Islam - is another matter entirely, as the Qur'an clearly shows all the rights of women in Islam, and certainly can not be called cruel or limited.

woman in Islam is considered equal to a man, as this religion does not deny their intelligence, dignity and behavior.In some cases, the fair sex have even more freedom than men.

First we need to think about the right to own property.Yes, a woman in Islam has the right to own things, money and other property, both before marriage and after it.Neither her husband or other relatives do not qualify for them.

In addition, before the wedding, the man is obliged to give his bride something valuable.And it is not ransom, but a sign of admiration, love and devotion.In Islam, marriage contracts are used, which are prepared just before the wedding and signed by both spouses.There, you can specify any wishes of the relevant laws, such as the conditions of the divorce.For some Europeans, it is rather strange, since Muslim women are accustomed to thinking completely powerless.However, the wife has the right to demand a divorce without any consideration of criminal.

woman in Islam is considered a delicate flower that needs to be nurtured and respected.Yes, the family is given the primacy of the husband, but at the same time it is responsible for the financial support of his wife, children and other relatives of the woman, for whom no one else to look at.This woman has its own property, it is not obliged to spend on the maintenance of the family and is free to dispose of it according to its own discretion.

woman in Islam is deeply revered as a mother and homemaker.All the laws of this religion have been established in accordance with the physiological characteristics of the female sex.For example, during pregnancy or breast-child wife are not required to fast and can skip the ritual prayer.

woman in Islam has the right to work.Yes, beautiful ladies are considered primarily mothers and should ensure their husband, but if there is a need, then the wife is allowed to work.This is especially important if the wife has some abilities or talents, such as artistic or musical inclinations.Personality development is considered to be a matter of pleasing Allah.

Yes, there is a lot of talk about how the woman in Islam should be sure to wear a burqa, ashamed of its appeal.But here it is not a religion, and in ancient traditions.I began to wear the burqa many centuries ago the tribes of the desert, as it was a great protection from sand and strong wind gusts.

Yes, Islam forbids women to wear provocative clothing, so as not to enter into the sin of the other men.Religion has nothing against colored fancy clothes, but they do not have to be a fitting or transparent.It is quite another thing - the appearance of a woman in front of her husband.Here she can look beautiful.In fact, Muslim women in this respect is very different from the Europeans, because they believe that all their beauty and attractiveness are owned by her husband in front of him and that they are trying to look like the best way.Evropeek desire to look attractive to people and their indifference to his own appearance at home for representatives of Islam are unclear.

As can be seen, a woman in Islam has enormous rights and their limitations - is, first and foremost, a tribute to the old traditions, and not the conditions of religion.