Job Description: Assistant Head of the organization

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large organization - big trouble.The head of the corporation does not have time everywhere, even with the help of assistants.In order to properly plan for the day, do not forget to allocate and monitor the work, the head needs a helper.What does the employee in this position that he should be able and know?

assistant: his role in the organization

Following the logic of the classifier professions, approved at the state level, assistant manager belongs to the category leaders, as he oversees almost all the issues within the competence of the first person.

At the same time, some organizations treat the position as an assistant administrator, manager or secretary: the first two positions imply organizational and administrative functions, and the third - presentation and support.Qualifier of professions are those jobs to different categories - skilled technical employees, but managers classifies only assistant.

How to determine the range of job duties?

Recruiting assistant or secretary, the organization should define the status, rights and responsibilities of the employee, because it affects the requirements for educational level, qualifications, work experience of the candidate.

  • Registrar receiving enough to have a complete secondary education, and the etiquette of techniques and working with office equipment challenger taught directly at the workplace.
  • administrator must have at least a bachelor's degree, have organizational skills and energetic character, and have some work experience, depending on corporate requirements.
  • Manager as representative of the professionals required to complete the formation of at least higher education, work experience is not required, but this provision establishes the company at its discretion.
  • assistant.This position involves the same qualifications as a leader: complete higher education, work experience of at least 2 years.Likely to require special and personal characteristics of the applicant, and, perhaps, and training.

Why do you need a job description?

assistant, being an official is obliged to act within their functional rights and fully perform its intended function.However, even without being a head, the employee is obliged to carry out their duties in good faith and on time.

In order for a job does not contain a detailed account of these competences, and in the case of a contract list of functions is not always exhaustive.To avoid ambiguity in determining the terms of reference for an employee, job description assistant head of the organization should include detailed responsibilities, rights which it possesses, as well as a measure of responsibility for violation of the labor contract, work rules, causing damage to the employer, and so on. N.

Personalassistant manager

Assistant Job Description is made on the model of similar instructions to the head, or his deputy, except for some primary functions of strategic planning and management.Probably not charge as assistant reception and dismissal of employees, the right to dispose of the enterprise funds, the issuance of powers of attorney and other competencies belong personally to the head.

However, the law allows you to delegate any functions of the employee, a trusted, provided that he has the skills, knowledge, expertise and authority to deal with such issues.It is only important to properly arrange the employee's authority - an order or power of attorney.

This job description assistant enterprise should reflect the fact of its work.

partition types

structure of the job description is attached in the state qualifying directories and contains all the basic requirements for the employee and the nuances of the position as well as its place in the organizational structure of the organization.

Job Description "assistant", like any other, should include the following parts:

  1. General Terms and Conditions.This specifies the procedure for admission and dismissal, subordination, the procedure for replacing the employee.
  2. labor functions.One of the most important parts of which have to reflect in detail.
  3. The rights granted to the employee.
  4. limits of liability for violations.
  5. qualification, professional experience and educational level.
  6. What should know the employee in this position.
  7. relationship between him and the other parts of the organization.

These areas can not be cut, but they permitted to expand and add necessary items.

Job Description assistant: sample


Director (name of organization)



approval date

Job Description "assistant"

1.Basic conditions

1.1.Profkategoriya "Managers."

1.2.Hire and dismiss from work order of the Director.

1.3.Submission: directly to the Director.

2. Functions


2.1.Coordinates the work of departments, sections and other divisions of the company in accordance with the instructions, resolutions and orders of the director.

2.2.Keeps records of dates of performance control assignments Director departments.

2.3.Director makes a work plan for the next day and promptly offered his head.

2.4.Organizes and controls the company paperwork, checks it for compliance with the legislation.

2.5.It provides accounting and registration of all powers of attorney issued by the Director.

2.6.Lead the clerks and control over the results of their activities.

supplement depending on the needs of your organization and the profile of the post.

3. Powers

assistant has the right to:

3.1.Familiarize with the decisions taken by the company.

3.2.To participate in the meetings of the administrative staff.

supplement depending on the needs of your organization and the profile of the post.

4. Responsibility

assistant responsible:

4.1.For failure or improper fulfillment of its obligations under these instructions, orders and instructions of the Director, the current legislation governing the activities of the enterprise.

4.2.For lack of control over the activities of subordinate employees.

4.3.For disclosure of information with limited access.

supplement depending on the needs of your organization and the profile of the post.

5. Qualifications

assistant must have completed higher education, work experience profile of at least 2 years.

6. Must know

current legislation, regulations, collective agreement (specify what acts and regulations has to know the employee).

7. Interaction

indicate with whom and on what issues cooperates assistant manager.


Head of Personnel



Legal Counsel



have learned the:



Specificity competencies assistant project

assumed that the management of the project - a temporary position, respectively, and the assistant assumes certain obligations to complete the project.His responsibilities will depend on the specific theme of the project, as well as the needs of the particular organization.

Job Description assistant project manager will be more highly specialized functions, but with the administrative and organizational coloring.Typical duties for this position can be found in the qualifying directory, and then modify them to the situation.

Are the duties of assistant general issues?

Fields Acting Assistant Director General and Assistant Director for General Affairs will be different.Of course, in the second case the authority would be more highly directional as Head of General Affairs is not responsible for all activities of the organization, but only for a particular sector.

Job Description assistant general question is the basis of the functions of the chief, who "help".Accordingly, the basis will be the scope of his responsibilities and functions.

Job Description "assistant" in this case is suitable as a basis, it is possible to make a start on the development of new documents related positions.