What to include in the menu and what to exclude when skin problems?

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skin - the main indicator of the body.Any deviation in the complex system (hormonal disturbances, lack of vitamins and other negative processes) lead to a variety of skin rashes.One thing - the constant shine on forehead and nose wings.This is a natural process: thus the fatty layer prevents drying of the skin, protecting it from premature aging.It is quite another - coarsened porous skin with black dots.

not always skin rash - a feature of adolescence.Acne happens and mature people, and to a variety of reasons, such as an unbalanced diet.You can consume daily chips, pizza, drinking soda all this - it seems that the skin does not react to culinary preferences.But this is the time.One day after a small piece of chocolate can change the face beyond recognition.

Nutrition plays an important, if not the main role.Oily, spicy, spicy food is gradually making his case.Sweets, pastry, sweets, cakes stimulate the sebaceous glands.If they are already bad, the emergence of new pimples inevitable.Sweet tooth sometimes difficult to decide what is more important: healthy skin or refusal from sweet.In this case, it is possible to replace your favorite goodies honey and dried fruits.Milk, ice cream, cheese, contribute to the development of hormones that cause acne.

should not completely exclude from the diet of dairy products.Milk can be replaced with yogurt or yogurt alive.Instead of sweet coffee on an empty stomach should be consumed green tea, and even better - clean water.Be sure to include a menu of foods containing zinc: seafood, beans, sunflower seeds.Do not forget about vitamins A, B, C, and D. They are found in melon, broccoli, corn, liver and almost all vegetables.Unwanted products excluded from the diet is not necessary - you can have everything, but know when to stop.

happens that is not so easy to determine why there hated black dots.Sometimes it is to start a food diary.It should also be time to eliminate all foods provoking.After a period of preventive need every day in the menu introducing a new product.For example, if after a few chocolates person is not worried, so this rule is admissible.

In the same way, you can experiment with other products.Be sure to include in the diet of greens and vegetables - they will establish the bowels.Kashi cereals genuine - the product is very recommended.It should not be subjected to prolonged heat treatment of cereals.Buckwheat, for example, can be washed, ignited, and pour boiling water in a thermos overnight.For breakfast, get crumbly porridge, containing a set of nutrients - remains add to it the cream or butter.

Fermented foods are good when they're fresh.Meat is quite possible to afford, but only lean: rabbit, turkey, chicken.Bread is recommended to choose either rye or corn flour.From drinks are most useful freshly squeezed juices, mineral water without gas, and green tea.

careful attitude to their own diet will help achieve positive results - black dots recede.

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