Bat - a bird or an animal?

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Probably everyone at least once in his life faced with bats.They can be seen in any town or village, is only late in the evening or at night to go out.When we watch these mysterious individuals, of itself begs the question: "Bat - a bird or an animal?" Let's try to understand this.

animals or birds?

bat - an animal that belongs to the bats.These are the only mammals who have mastered flight.The most interesting - that the name of the species is not true, because these animals have nothing to do with rodents have.It would be logical to call them flying monkeys, as the bats are more like primates.People often argue: "Which is a certain type of bat?Is it a bird or an animal?Which of these statements is true? "But it is unlikely a person versed in zoology, can take it to the birds just because it has wings.To begin to learn the complete way of life bats.Only after this, providing arguments can convince belonging to a particular race.


Almost all kinds of bats eat insects.Because of this, and there are constant questions about what belongs to which type of bat: a bird or an animal.Each individual their taste preferences: some are more like butterflies or grasshoppers, the second - spiders or beetles, others prefer the larvae.

Often their food grab bats during the flight when the potential victim floating in the air.As a rule, they also eat on the fly, although there are bats that prefer after the hunt to get a more convenient location.Their ways of foraging quite interesting and noteworthy.For example, certain bats certain movements of the wings, like working vanes scoops insects to itself, while others use their tail as a net membrane through which catch prey.

species of bats

Like all animals, bats are divided into types.Bats at the moment there is quite a lot.To date, more than 1,200 species discovered.Hardly anyone wants to challenge the fact that the only flying mammals are most common on the planet.According to statistics, every fifth animal is the bat.All of them seem to be very similar, but it is not.Each species is different and has no analogues.In the temperate latitudes of the total number of mice lives only fifty species.That is why many do not realize that there are huge birds!For example, a wingspan of bats that live in the tropics, is more than 170 centimeters.Species of bats are so diverse that the studies carried out in the present.

Wings wings of bats are formed through thin skin, which is stretched between the body and fingers.They are arranged so that they are able to issue an ultrasound to help bats navigate in space.With this animal can easily detect prey or feel obstacle.Since ancient times, people believed that these mammals love to sit on the head of a woman, and drink blood.In fact it is not.Hair fairer sex have a peculiar structure, so the bat wings, blowing ultrasound, do not get returns, respectively, the animal thinks that the empty space in front of him.

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Bats have very poor eyesight (black and white) and the sense of smell.Their characteristic feature is the perfect hearing.To navigate the darkness, the sound they make and its echo understand whether there is an obstacle in their way, and some distance before him.Thanks to this good eyesight are not needed.

basic habits of almost all species of bats are similar.All of them are only night life, avoid bright places and build their nests.Happy bats sleep hanging upside down.Most of these mammals are able to indulge in a very long hibernation due to the ability to slow down the processes of the body.Surprisingly, these animals can vary the intensity of respiration rate, affect the heart work, to reduce the rate of metabolism.

Bats fly well, their flight is fast enough and maneuverable, so the question of whether the bat - it's a bird or animal, a controversial and often is a cause for much debate.

Science, which is engaged in the research of bats called chiropterologists.In just a few years, scientists have been able to discover dozens of new species of these creatures.Now it is proved that the world is the most common and numerous animals - a bat.But, unfortunately, at the moment they are not yet fully understood.Their habitat covers almost the entire globe, except for the islands in the ocean and polar regions.They are frequent visitors to the forests and deserts, plains and mountains, as well as live in the populous city, and in those places where no man has gone before.