Botswana Capital: Gaborone.

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a country like Botswana, on the world map until 1966 existed.Countries at the time under British protectorate called Bechuanaland.A notable include the fact that the capital - Mafikeng - generally located outside its territory.The current administrative center called Gaborone Botswana.It is though a young but rapidly growing city, about which more details will be discussed further.

Brief History

Government of Botswana on the map can be found in the southern part of the African continent.As noted above, this area was under British protectorate until 1965.It was then that she became the eleventh time on the African colony to declare its independence.Immediately afterwards, it became necessary to choose a state-administrative center.At that time, the status of the capital, claimed nine cities, each of which corresponds to the requirements.The winner of the contest was a small village of Gaborone.The choice in his favor was made primarily on the basis of a successful strategic locations (including due to the presence of large sources of water within reach, as well as the proximity of the railway).

General description

Gaborone - the capital is relatively young.Small-sized village, located on the banks of the River Notvany, in the southeastern part of the country, at an altitude of 1100 meters above sea level, it was rebuilt in a large city fairly quickly.All its basic infrastructure has been put 30 September 1966.That's when the government celebrated its first anniversary of independence.For the record time was built a strong power, government buildings, hospitals, banks, schools, shops, churches and other necessary infrastructure.

capital of Botswana planned so that it stretches along the railway line from north to south.And from west to east, it crosses the boulevard, which connects the airport administrative regions.The city area is about 169 square kilometers and its population - a little more than 227 thousand inhabitants.Since the overwhelming majority of buildings constructed relatively recently, much of the city is a combination of concrete, steel and glass.


Botswana - a country that is influenced by a continental subtropical climate.I was no exception and its capital.The warmest month of the year is January, when the temperature is at around 24 degrees.The coolest time - this is July, with a monthly average temperature of 12 degrees above zero.Freezing is not the case ever.As for the rain, they fall very low (about 500 millimeters per year).

Infrastructure and Transportation

overwhelming majority of government agencies located in the city center.Among them are the National Assembly, State University and National Museum.In addition, popular among tourists monument to the country's inhabitants who died during the Second World War.The capital of Botswana has a well-established network of bus routes.With this type of transport you can reach any part of Gaborone.If desired, relatively inexpensive you can rent a car.The international airport is just 10 kilometers from the city.With regard to purchase souvenirs, then this problem will not arise, because many stores and shops located on almost every corner, especially in the center.

Tourist attraction

As of today we can not say that the capital of Botswana - a popular destination for travelers.Whatever it was, the tourist infrastructure is developed well.The city operated international hotel chains, cinemas, casinos and restaurants.Due to the low age of Gaborone in it do not have any outstanding attractions.Whatever the case, their absence is fully compensated by the unique wildlife that surrounds the city.In addition, there are many parks and several nature reserves, including "St. Clair" - a place which is inhabited by lions.Once in the city, you must be sure to visit the old part of Gaborone, which is called the "Village".It preserved some buildings, reflecting the remnants of the colonial history of the country.

Gaborone today

capital of Botswana is located only 15 kilometers from the border of one of the most developed countries in Africa - South Africa.In this regard, it is not surprising that, as in the neighboring state, a high level of development here is the diamond industry.Building in the city does not stop.In it continuously grow new areas, houses, shopping centers and even nightclubs.Gaborone is gradually transformed into a major tourist center on the African continent.Another confirmation of this include the fact that the number of tourists is growing from year to year.At the same time, the locals are very honored national tradition.Most of the indigenous population lives in the suburbs, only coming to the center to work.Gaborone is now the main economic center of the state, which continues to develop dynamically.