Russian tutor for students in Norway.

praising the educational system of Western countries, it is important not to ignore the fact that domestic education, especially in the relatively recent time, was considered sufficiently strong and effective.Many graduates of technical schools and colleges that are within the walls of native schools did not show flawless results at the European open spaces were considered competent experts, who showed much better awareness than local staff.It should be noted also that coaching in mathematics used to be a rarity, a decent level of knowledge gave professors in educational institutions, and students themselves showed enviable thirst for knowledge.

interesting fact that Norway appreciated the quality of courses in mathematics, developed by Russian scientists.So, a small publishing house in a town in Norway has launched the process of creating textbooks on mathematics on the model of Russian manuals.Before that, the Russian program is being tested in schools in Norway, the results were pretty good.Confirming the success of the results of experts from Stavanger, which is testing the Russian program in mathematics, in the 2013godu more than 65% of pupils in one school have shown very good results on the state exam testing.The median of students with the highest balls Norway earlier, was 25%.

Note that tutors in mathematics in Moscow and the Russian preference for training programs.And especially not only that the students will be trained in their own country, their popularity is due to the greater balance and accuracy of creating jobs.It is able to assess and Norway, where the publishing Kirkeese assists in the license for the establishment of the Norwegian version of books and printing.By the way, not only will publish textbooks on mathematics and and manuals for teachers and workbooks for students.

What is special about the Russian textbooks on mathematics?The thing is that the method of teaching the subject this country encourages the child to analyze his actions during problem solving.The main thing here - not the answer, as a logical part of the solution, which is assigned to the base of the correct answer.That is why the preparation of the DPA in Moscow under the guidance of an experienced teacher is able to give very good results.RATED differences and children from schools in Norway, where the testing program was conducted.They have demonstrated a willingness to learn mathematics more deeply and in a rhythm, which is higher than the former.The variety of tasks, written by qualified Russian were also appreciated.