What is hardness?

Our society is very different from what it was a century ago.Even fifty years back, people will differ significantly from our contemporaries.What is the difference?Why do people have lost sincerity, simplicity, sincerity, and instead came to concepts such as human callousness, indifference, indifference?Many forgot about humanity, having exchanged it for some calculation in life, such as financial or egotistical.Let's try to understand what people understand by the word "callousness".

What callousness?

This concept is studied mainly in psychology.Here it is defined as a personality trait, which was formed on the basis of the loss of human capacity to empathize, sympathize, emotionally sensitive to the problems and misery of other people or any other living creature.What callousness, know firsthand those who had to face a callous people.Unfortunately, such more in our society.We can meet the callous attitude of the people to us on the street, in stores, in the hospital, at work and so on.What is meant by experts callousness and what other qualities it is supplemented?

Main synonyms callousness

What callousness, can be understood by a set of moral and psychological characteristics that complement it against people.This word can be easily supplemented with human characteristics such as indifference, indifference, rudeness.Sometimes callousness can manifest selfishness and hatred.Callousness - is the lack of love for someone.

Once the sage asked: "How do you understand the word" callousness "?"To which he replied that he is callous indifference.Other negative qualities to express their attitude to the man, even a negative, but the indifference does not express anything, it reduces the ratio to zero, destroying the germs of all good relationships.It is human nature to need to recognize and love.Without feeling needed or even unnecessary, morally he dies, internally destroyed.This callousness, indifference can kill love.No negative qualities can not be compared with an indifferent attitude.Anger, hatred, disgust may disappoint, but they do not deny the existence of human personality.And the callousness and indifference literally turn it into an empty space.They did not leave anything.

What can cause callousness and indifference?

These moral and psychological characteristics of a person, in essence, nothing devastating at first glance do not carry.Stale person can not do anything wrong, but the results are striking indifferent behavior.How many times do we find sayings: "If earlier rushed to ...," "If I once helped ..." "If he is immediately provided medical assistance ..."?Indeed, if a little early to draw attention to man, his behavior, you can keep him from fatal errors, prevent personal disaster and so on.

B. Yasensky once said a very nice phrase on this subject.He clearly notices that the enemies in the worst case can kill friends can betray, but indifferent people worse than all the others.They can silently consent to murder, betrayal.You never know what to expect from them.Callousness and indifference can lead to injury to physical, psychological, loss of sense of life and death in extreme cases.

How to get rid of indifference and callousness?

We must realize that such callousness and indifference.This lock is of different emotions.The beginning of the development of these qualities can be during early childhood.The reasons for their development a lot, but how get rid of them?

  • important stop offended by anyone or anything.You have to train to let everything: bad and good.Resentment entails com unspoken words and emotions.
  • We need to express their emotions socially acceptable way.It is not the cry of the destruction, and the search for constructive solutions to problematic situations.
  • important to recognize in themselves and develop good quality.We can not be entirely positive, as the only negative.Therefore it is necessary to develop positive qualities and by getting rid of negative.

training in empathy, emotional attitude to the environment, the development of a positive around you, you will not feel indifference, callousness and void.