Konstantin Tszyu: biography boxer

Konstantin Tszyu (see photo. Below) - a well-known Australian-Russian boxer who has numerous awards and titles.In 1991 he received the title of Master of Sports.Former world champion in several boxing federations.


Konstantin Tszyu was born in the town of Serov in 1969.His name translates from Korean as red.Though their family was the only full-blooded Korean grandfather, who arrived in Russia from China.And my grandfather did not know the Korean single word.

future boxer's parents belonged to the category of ordinary people and had no relationship to the sport.My mother worked in the field of medicine, and his father worked all his life in the steel mills.

himself Kostya was always very agile and active.The energy of a seething in the child.In order to send it to the productive mainstream of the father in 1979 he averted the boy in the boxing section.And this choice was correct.

Already six months later decade of the boxer Konstantin Tszyu easily won the boys much older than him.Two years later, he became interested in the coaches of the junior team of the USSR.

Early career

So Konstantin Tszyu and began his professional career.He has won a number of international and regional competitions.Kostya also successfully performed in the tournament.In 1985, he received the USSR junior title.

In 1989, Chiu began to make progress in adult category.He won the championship belt and triumphantly won the European championship.This was followed by more number of significant wins.In the same year Kostya took third place in the Moscow Championship Boxing in the category up to 60 kilograms.

1990-1991 talented athlete wins twice champion of the USSR.He also participated in several international competitions, winning the country a few gold medals, including at the Goodwill Games.

athlete successes in international competitions attracted the attention of foreign coaches.One of them was John Lewis from Australia.It was he who persuaded Constantine to take up permanent residence in their country.After a while Tszyu offered official citizenship, which he gladly accepted.After that, the athlete began traveling exhibition on the confrontation that took place in different parts of the world.

During his professional career Constantine managed to become the strongest fighter in the world own weight category.From time to time he defeated celebrities such as Zab Judah, Jesse Leija, Haun Laporte, Cesar Chavez, and others. These victories allowed him to win fame in the boxing world.Kostya became a star not only in Australia but also in Russia.

During his career, he spent 282 match, losing only 12 times.This is a very impressive figure.For achieving the above Tszyu in 2011 included the fighter's Hall of Fame.It is noteworthy that on the same day it included actor Sylvester Stallone and champion of Mexico - Cesar Chavez (our athlete won him one of the league matches).

After boxing

After a career Konstantin Tszyu started coaching young athletes.To his players, he developed his own training scheme to efficiently confront the various contenders.The most famous disciples of Constantine - it Allahverdiyev, Povetkin, Lebedev.Chiu also holds for boxers seminars and master classes.On his own money, he opened several schools in Russia in order to popularize the sport.

In 2010, Konstantin Tszyu led electronic publication "Fight Magazine", highlights the various martial arts.So revealed another talent of the former boxer.Also, he is a frequent guest of various TV shows - "Dancing with the Stars", "be the first", and so on. D.

Currently athlete running coach and publishes its own product.In late 2013, some media have told that the boxer began to write his autobiography.But this information still remains unconfirmed.


Konstantin Tszyu, biography described above, have been married for twenty years.The first wife of boxer named Natalia.They say official sources, the marriage, the couple had three children, who like his father tied his life to the sport.After the divorce, the boxer said that he did not get along with his wife for the past twelve years.In fact all this time they did not live together.

Now Tszyu new girl - Tatiana.Happy couple is in no hurry to register the relationship.On the question of the desire to have more children athlete responds evasively, so anything is possible.