Timiryazevskaya Academy - Russian higher education institutions

Russian State Agrarian University.Timiryazev (ICCA), or as it is called, Timiryazevskaya Academy - a higher educational institution, known throughout the world.In 2013 it celebrates its 148th anniversary.It trained more than 10 000 students, for which the program is offered to 24 specialists, 11 destinations for Bachelor and 7 Master's directions.Students of this school learn various techniques, including resource saving, waste-free and environment.Economics, organization and management of production as keep track of finances in the market relations - these are proposed to study the Timiryazev Academy.Departments and areas that are offered to students are very diverse.This includes the Department of Agronomy, Zooengineering, Humanities and Education, Economics, Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, soil science, ecology and agricultural chemistry, Accounting and Finance Department.Students will become familiar with the basics of the foreign economic activity of enterprises, agricultural marketing and business.

Timiryazevskaya Academy has a rich history, which began with back in the late 16th century.At a time when the land was privately owned Prince Prozorskogo, there appeared Boyarsky Dvor.After a little time has passed in possession of property KPNaryshkin.In 1692 the church was built Peter and Paul in baroque style.54 years ownership rules have a maid of honor of the Empress EINaryshkin, who was married to KGRozumovsky.That, in turn, decided to make the estate of the luxury mansion, which would have a European dimension.Next manor passed from one owner to another, and each brings about changes in the structure and territory.In the years 1860-1861 the treasury bought Tepliy estate.It was planned to open the landowning Academy, which later became the largest agricultural educational institutions of Russia.It is from here and originates Timiryazevskaya Academy.

Stone building, located in the manor house was rebuilt, there were special add-ons.Main wooden house was demolished, replacing it with a stone building.After the murder of one of the students in 1890 classes at the school were suspended.Four years later, the estate began its work Moscow Agricultural Institute, on whose territory the rapidly new buildings, among which was a student dormitory.In 1923, the Institute has become a Agricultural Academy.Timiryazev.

Now it is a well-known institution.Over the past three decades Timiryazevskaya Academy has trained 35,000 agriculturists, beekeepers, economists zooengineers, plodoovoschevodov.In addition, it has produced more than 7,000 teachers for secondary schools of agricultural areas.The Academy successfully defended in 2700 doctoral and master's theses.In addition to Russian citizens at the institution are trained thousands of students from America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

main pride of the institution - the nursery of the Timiryazev Academy, which is an institution on the basis of the laboratory.Here grow seedlings of many plants.Using different methods of breeding, breed new varieties of fruit trees and bushes, in order to improve hardiness and increase yields.Timiryazevskiy nursery sells seedlings of perennial and annual flowers.In addition, you can buy ornaments for the garden.