Briefly about the subject "Theory of State and Law"

matriculated at first newly student may be somewhat confused by how many brand new and unknown subjects have to learn.Representatives of the technical specialties will focus on mathematics, physics and chemistry, the humanities - sociology, social sciences and languages, and the lawyers - on political science, theory of law and the study of law.

Why together?

Many people may be interested in the question of why the state and the law must be studied together, because individually they can see better and in more detail?The fact that the laws concerning the origin and development of the law and the state are almost identical.They vary depending on each other, as well as the transformation of the socio-economic system to which they belong.It can be said that the combined concept of the theory of state and law organically sinceIt connects the two elements difficult to be separated from each other.


At the heart of the subject "Theory of State and Law" is the generalized system of knowledge about the principles of the origin and development of the states at different stages of history, as well as their legal peculiarities in different historical periods.The student must know the theory of state and law - this introductory discipline, which aims only to learn the basics of jurisprudence.However, qualitatively mastered the introductory part of jurisprudence, you can easily be sorted out in a more complex subject the legal industry.

Main on the subject

To understand what is the theory of state and law, it is necessary to select the object and the subject of this science.The object, as in all the social sciences, there is society itself, with all its changes and patterns of development.The subject also has to tell you what is actually studying this science.As the name suggests, it is easy to conclude that the subject of TGP are various state-legal phenomena at different levels of their origin and transformation.

What studies TGP

Of course, you can just highlight a particularly important points in the study of which will leave the lion's share of time student.First of all, it is a functional component of the state and law, both separately and in tandem.Also, the theory of state and law is aimed at the study of social laws, thanks to which there are changes in the state, as well as its legal component.A very important point in the study of the subject will be introduced to various, fairly complex legal categories, which will continue to work the future lawyer.It is important to deal with all the classic examples of the emergence and development of the states and their legal framework.It can help a student, becauseknowing that history has its cycles that are repeated over time, you can determine patterns of occurrence, and even the stages of development of the various states.And while you can learn a little bit to predict, from the legal point of view, the situation even in the country.