How to Plan a thesis

Thesis - is the scientific study carried out on the theoretical and empirical level, which indicates the skill level of the student.Choosing the sphere of scientific and professional interests, the student will have to decide the following issues:

  • how relevant the topic of the thesis;
  • what aspects should be studied very carefully;
  • what the subject of study;
  • unexplored problems in certain field of activity.

Once formulated the research topic, the key structural elements of the introduction of the Diploma Supplement (for example, the purpose, tasks, object, subject, innovation), you should try to make a schematic plan of the thesis.It should initially be prepared for the fact that the drafting of section titles, paragraphs and subparagraphs - a creative, yet complicated process.Not always the first time possible to accurately display the essence of the information points in the short title of a few words.Therefore, a plan of the thesis, the student can have far more than one option, harvested for analysis along with his supervisor, who is more competent to make amendments and adjustments.

This - the so-called work plan.To make it easier to create all the content of the work, you can start to plan-heading.This means that, focusing on the purpose and the main tasks you formulate the name of the aspects that will be studied.

identify some of the main areas of study, including the subsequent and crystallize Forums diploma.

further, introducing a plan in the thesis, try to specify each of your defined section titles.Most likely, when the work will begin with bibliographic sources and the amount of data increases, there is a need to clarify, broken down into individual items, organize information.Thus, the plan of the thesis must include items and subsequently - sub.Stick to structure the information from the general to the specific.The section name must be more ambitious than the sub, not vice versa.

provide examples of how to make a plan of the thesis.


content (depending on the requirements of the department, all the letters can be uppercase or only the first)

Introduction Section 1

General theoretical aspects of formation of personality journalist

1.1.Determination of the individual as a social-psychological phenomenon

1.1.1.Historical retrospective emergence of the concept of "personality┬╗

1.1.2.... .. (The second subparagraph of the first paragraph of the first section)

1.2.... (Second paragraph of the first section)

Section 2

specifics of creating professional image of the television journalist

2.1.Social and psychological progression of TV journalist personality in creative activity

2.2.Formation of a professional image on the regional television broadcaster Russia

2.2.1.Personal characteristics (for example ...)


findings (possibly the name of the structural element "Results of the study┬╗)

References (possibly the name of the structural element "Literature┬╗)

PrilozheniyaStoit remember that writing a scientific work - a creative process, which should not hamper the development of ideas and scientific researchresearcher.The plan may be dynamic, it is possible to make adjustments depending on the circumstances of the progress of scientific research, if it is aimed at improving the work.