How much is car insurance for?

acquisition of the car - it is always a pleasant thing, and it does not matter what the account that car.But the limited buying a car is not necessary, it is also necessary to take out insurance.

This will help vehicle owners save your nerves and money in case of an emergency, causing harm to someone else or your car.How much is car insurance for?It depends on many factors, primarily on whether you purchase an insurance policy: insurance or CASCO.Also on the cost of the policy impact and experience of the driver, and trouble-free, and age and so-forth.Where to car insurance for?Of course, the insurance company directly or by visiting its inviting home insurance agent.However, do not be limited to surface the information you need to know more details.

Why do I need insurance?

insurance on the car is necessary in order to fully or partially offset the cash costs of the owner of the vehicle in the event of an emergency on the road.If the insurance policy is the owner of the vehicle on which fault there was an accident, it was not there, the cost of repair work it will have to pay out of pocket.And rare cases where repair costs as much, how much is insurance for the car.And who will pay for repairing your own car, it depends on whether you have issued the insurance company policy Hull.

It should be clarified that such insurance and hull insurance, and how they differ from each other.


So, insurance - is compulsory motor liability insurance.Terms of insurance payment mean affected by the fault of the insured in a traffic accident the driver.Thus in 2015 the maximum payment for the repair of the car is 400 thousand rubles, and the maximum payout aimed at compensation for damage caused to human health - 500 thousand rubles.This repair your own car is made through personal funds.Have a liability insurance policy tool - a mandatory requirement, failure to comply with which entails a fine of 800 rubles.A repeat offenders - the removal of the registration numbers.

CASCO - comprehensive car insurance except responsibility.With such a policy drive can safely forget about expenses for your car-related insurance cases.Among them: traffic accidents, scratch, carjacking, the removal of the wheels, broken glass and so-forth.On the compensation can be expected, even if no damage is caused during an accident involving another owner, but also a personal fault, such as entry into a fence or a tree.CASCO - not cheap, but in the case of damage to it safely pay for itself.How much is the insurance on the car - this information is below.

cost of insurance CASCO CASCO

cost is set individually by each company, according to its own tariffs and is not regulated by the state.Basically, the cost of the insurance policy depends on the age of the machine, on who has the right to rule on the existence of anti-theft system.

But the main factor determining the cost of the insurance is the price of the car.

cost insurance insurance

cost insurance policy is governed by the federal law on insurance and supervised by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.On the cost of the policy depends on the following factors or, as they are called coefficients:
- the base rate (regulated by the insurance company on their own, but can not exceed the amount prescribed by law, as of June 2015 the maximum base rate is 4118 rubles);
- type of vehicle;
- vehicle power in horsepower;
- the territory of the pre-emptive use of the vehicle (determined according to the place of residence of the owner);
- term insurance (from 3 months to one year);
- how many drivers will be inscribed in the insurance (limited or unlimited quantity);
- age, driving experience, having the right to operate a vehicle;
- bonus-malus class assigned to the driver of the accident-free driving.

Now every driver will know how much the insurance on the car.

Where to insurance?

on the car insurance policy you can draw in any insurance company.Their choice is now quite high.Pre you can visit the office of each company to you counted the exact amount, and choose the most appealing to you.You also need to know the reviews, especially what concerns the insurance payments.Some companies have a negative rating, as in the case of an accident do not pay posited the amount, or the expectation of payment lasts for months.

Many owners of vehicles by the company for the first time, stay there for many years.Units transferred to another company, perhaps this is due to the opinion that the insured during the transition from one insurer to another losing the discount.This is a huge misconception.Discount does not depend on where the owner of the vehicle the last time made out insurance.The discount is awarded for accident-free driving.Each plus - five percent discount.It is important to know.

What documents are required to have?

In order to take out insurance on the car, you must submit the following documents.

1. Documents on the car.This can be either a certificate of registration of the vehicle (STS) or passport of the vehicle (TCP).

2. The identity documents of the owner.Basically it is a Russian passport.

3. It is also necessary to have a diagnostic chart, confirming the passage of the technical inspection of the vehicle.The card must be valid at the moment of the insurance policy.

most often and inspection and draw up insurance policy in one day, but if the owner prepares to ending insurance vehicle inspection, in the near future it will be necessary to pass the inspection.This is a very important factor for the purpose of payments in the event of an accident.There are many factors on which the insurance company may refuse to pay, but mostly it's illegal.Therefore, the driver creates its ranking of insurers.

rating insurance companies

There is the so-called rating companies, which has been issued for the car insurance."Rosgosstrakh", "Energogarant" MSCs, SOGAZ and other companies, of course, willing to take a leading position in the insurance market, but not all succeed.For a long time, the rating company "Rosgosstrakh" was held at a high level, but recently more and more often you can hear about it negative reviews.

Currently the leading place in the reliability rating takes "Alpha insurance", in second place - "Ingosstrakh" in the fifth - "Renaissance Insurance".

reviews of insurance companies

Many reviews can be found referring to an avid drivers.Many of them already know where and what pitfalls may await them.For example, some companies to draw up an additional mandatory life insurance policy from an accident.The cost of it reaches one thousand rubles.Insurers can not even say what they charge extra money, and specify only the final sum.It is therefore important to understand that what you are paying.Remember that the imposition of additional insurance without your voluntary consent - is illegal!

own all the information contained is important not only for novice drivers, but also experienced motorists.Insurance car insurance, hull insurance, payments - all you need to understand in order to avoid fraud on the part of insurance companies.