Why is a general drawing

drawing of the general form - a document that defines the product design, assembly unit or part explains how it works, as well as the interaction of the main components.This document is developed at the initial design stage.It is made as a technical proposal or technical project development.

usually perform general drawing on opportunities simplistic components of the product can be displayed on one or several successive pages.

According to the requirements ESKD standards (Unified system for design documentation) and requirements to engineering documents, drawings should have views, sections and cross-sections, to be made in a certain scale, contain the main dimensions of the product and designation.

names and designations may be made to the table, placed on the same sheet or marked with lines, callouts.On a shelf line-outs the number of the position, which will then be described in the attached table.In the table, placed on a free field of the drawing, usually filled with columns: "Pos." - Which indicate the corresponding item number, "designation", "Max." - The number of such details, "Additional information", for example, data about the material or properlytreating its surface.

drawing general type may be in the form of text specifications or characteristics, and this part necessarily located on the first sheet.In the table, the text and the main part of the inscription (stamp) should not be any images.

Read the document specification makes the drawing, made in the form of a table.Names of parts, composition and technical specifications required for reading the document, usually made in a form on separate sheets of A-4 format.

Turning to the specifications, you can easily find their way in all documents:

  • in the "Designation" by a certain designations indicate exactly what is described by the drawing (drawing of the general form of parts or assembly drawing products);

  • column "Format" will tell whether the detail of the accompanying drawing of a certain format A-1, A-2, A-3 or A-4, and if the column indicated "Warhead" means a standard item and do nota drawing;

  • column "Pos." Shows the number of positions of the details described in the drawing;

  • column "Name" gives a complete picture about the name of a specific part or assembly, the materials used and available "Documentation";

  • column "Number." Indicates as necessary to perform the drawing parts or products, choose the standard elements to create a whole shown in the drawing assembly unit.

Specification Drawing is performed for each assembly unit is filled from top to bottom, and the sections are arranged in a specific sequence, but according to certain state standards.Depending on the composition of the product specifiable some sections may be not filled.

on the accuracy of the drawing and implementation of the correctness of filling the final result depends on the specifications of the project.Plans should be clear and easy to read.Thus has such strict requirements.