Correctly formulate the object of study - is to determine the right course of all scientific work

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Writing scientific work - is a multi-step and time-consuming process, requiring the researcher specific knowledge and skills.The scientist should clearly understand the purpose: what he learns this or that sphere of scientific knowledge as a result of which he wants to achieve that prove or reveal?

theme, purpose, relevance, practical significance, novelty of results, the subject and object of research - are essential structural components, which are designed to flesh out the essence of the problem in question, and in the future - to help the head and reviewers to quickly form an opinion about the project.

scientific work - is a form of knowledge, focused study of its aspects through a variety of methods, which concludes with the formulation of new knowledge about the object of study.

In the course work necessary to decide at an early stage that will serve as the object and subject of further study.This will help to avoid unnecessary action in the search for reference materials, reduce time and costs for the preparatory phase.

It is important to distinguish the concept of "object" and "subject".Young scientists frequently face difficulties in formulating an object of sociological studies diploma or master's project.To avoid mistakes, it is necessary, first of all, to know what these terms mean.

Definition 1

object of study - a process or phenomenon generated by problematic situations that are selected for the study.

Item - contained within the object.In the scientific process, they interact with each other (both common and private).

Definition 2

object of study - is that part of the current reality, which at a particular stage becomes the object of theoretical or practical analysis.

object and the subject should be coordinated with the theme.Therefore, the more accurate is the topic, the easier it is to define them.

Definition 3

object of study - is that or what the researcher intends to study the issue.

For example, in journalism it may be a specific media (newspaper, radio, television).In philology - a work in which the author intends to examine the problems identified.

The object explorer displays the properties, attributes or characteristics of the object to be studied.

facilitate the process of formulation of the object, you can use differentiation of its features:

- spatial (town, country, region);

- time (the period and dates);

- industry (born study activities).

Thus, the object appears to a part of one and the same time a certain auxiliary start.

So, summarizing told the formulation object of scientific research, we note:

- object and subject should always be closely linked to the theme of the work;

- object - a reflection of a problem or a contradictory situation in society, the process area;

- object of research - it is always a broader concept than the object;

- learning object and subject of scientific work, a stranger must accurately and without errors as much as possible to understand exactly what was going on.

correct definition of integral structural components, such as subject and object of the research - is the key to a successful outcome of your research activities.