Determined personality traits: a description and features of formation

Every person familiar with the mobilization of the will, on the contrary, impotence.There is its decline, the weakening.But the man is able to mobilize their efforts, showing tenacity and perseverance.Therefore, commonly used modes of behavior over time, can become habitual, passing in volitional personality traits.What properties are considered to be such?

volitional qualities of personality "heads" commitment, by which is meant:

  • ability to put ourselves clear objectives and goals;
  • able to plan and implement activities that had been scheduled.

Another important quality is a strong-willed perseverance, which is understood as resistance to the implementation of long-term goals.Only she can help a person achieve the planned and achieved positive results.

Determined personality traits also include patience and consistency, which are associated with persistence.They should not be confused with lack of initiative, obedience and submission to the will of another limp.These volitional qualities of man are linked very closely with the initiative, achievement of this goal and overcoming the troubles and difficulties.

Also important is the self-control, which is necessary in life, in work, and that is:

  • ability to maintain clarity of thought, ie,stay focused and attentive when performing work;
  • ability to avoid negative thoughts influenced by noise, failures, and errors;
  • opportunity to renew efforts even after the use of any failure;
  • ability to own feelings, emotional tone and excitement in the excessive excitement and joy, resentment and pain;
  • ability to control the actions of monitoring and evaluation.

For each person is important is the quality like determination, which is determined by the ability to quickly assess the circumstances and to make rational and concrete solutions.But the most important thing is to achieve goals.

Executive man manifests itself in a systematic and careful follow to make decisions.Such a person will feel the need to finish the job.

Discipline - the ability of man to function in accordance with the rules, regulations and laws.

Determined personality traits also include those that are related to human behavior in situations of any danger.It is about courage, courage, courage, courage.Let us consider in detail the most significant of them.

Courage is sthenic emotional experience excitement which arises in times of danger.Its activity must not be disorganized.But the insane bravery would be very harmful.

This is the most basic volitional qualities of personality.Let us now turn to the specifics of their formation in childhood, because it is recommended to start this process as soon as possible.

matter, what kind of a question is brought up, they will be in accordance with the basic principles:

  • Firstly, can be formed only in the activities.For this to happen, it is recommended to create conditions for their permanent use and training.
  • Second, the child will need to set achievable goals, objectives and draw up an optimal development program.Then you must also be sure to achieve its implementation.
  • The third member of the educational process is to be its subject and not subject to influence other people.Therefore, a child needs to learn to act as a result of self-esteem and self-control action.

Therefore, strong-willed qualities of the person and their formation - this is very important in the education process of every child.