How to eat seafood

fish, served whole, is considered one of the most difficult on the use of food.Marinated or salted herring, fish, hot or cold smoked eel - just solids and therefore require the use of conventional snack knife and fork.Fish stew, boiled, fried eat fish with a special instrument.

fish knife according to the rules of etiquette at the table do not cut in the literal sense, but separated and push fillets.You can not eat fish with the help of special devices, and two table fork: fork, which is held in the right hand, remove the fillets from the bones, and a fork held in the left, bring to the mouth.Small bones in the fillet can be found only in the mouth.Their rules of etiquette at the table take out with a fork and add up at the far edge of the plate.

caviar served in a glass bowl placed in the german-silver or a silver bowl with crushed ice.In special occasions in the forms of ice frozen vases and they served caviar.To rely caviar toast.Caviar spoon or spatula impose on toast and eat them, picking up.Most often spawn - grainy or Pressed - eaten with butter.Therefore, on a plate and take both.Taking the left hand a piece of bread and a knife - to the right, it is spread on bread a little oil, and on him - the eggs.Prepared by a small sandwich with his left hand into his mouth.

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In Russian caviar eating this way: together with seasonings applied to pancakes and eat dessert using the device.

To open an oyster shell, it is placed on the plate, turning the convex part of himself, and fork for oysters open.Hold the shell thumb and forefinger of his left hand, cutting a part of the fork to remove the oyster oysters place which is inedible.Then eat an oyster, sprinkled with lemon juice.Juice, formed in the recess sinks, drink or suck gently and silently oyster with juice.Crackers, served with oysters, dipped in sauce, then take a fork and eat oysters.Cold oysters eat dessert instrument, and hot (warm) - cutlery.

Shrimp, served in broth, eat the whole if they are small.Large shrimp share a fork holding a plate with your left hand.The knife is not used.Shrimp cocktail eat, impaling on a plug for shellfish.Shrimp fried oriental take over the tip of the tail with chopsticks or hands and dipped in sauce, bite, and tail tip is discarded.The crude shrimp take your left hand behind your head and by removing the right hand tail fin, fork recovered meat.In this case also needed bowl with hot water for rinsing fingers.

In most cases, the mussels are served marinated or smoked on cocktail sticks as an appetizer.With the help of sticks they are sent into the mouth.As mussels are the ingredients of the dishes as paella.This dish is served, special tongs for opening shells, and a small fork for oysters.Tweezers, located in the left hand, hold the mussels on a plate, fork and pick out the clam from its shell.It is much more convenient, and it is quite acceptable to use a sink as small scoops.

Take sink right hand and, bringing it to her mouth, gently retract a mussel and the sauce (without the noise).Empty shells can be left on the edge of the plate, on the plate for the oil or specially designed for this purpose plate.

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