Great hypnotist and fortune teller Wolf Messing

Messing was born on September 10th, 1899 near Warsaw.There are several legends about how he discovered his unusual ability.

At age 11, decided to run away from his father, he went to the nearest railway station and sat in the half-empty train car that was going to Berlin.When the guard asked him a ticket, Messing reached out and grabbed some piece of paper lying on the floor.Wolff wanted with all my heart, to the conductor took this dirty piece of paper for a ticket.The conductor took the paper, turned it over in his hands, and then validated.

Berlin Messing soon settled into a freak show.Every week on Friday morning before the gates revealed panopticon, Wolf went into a crystal coffin and brought himself into a cataleptic state.In this state for three days - from morning to evening - he was made to lie still.In appearance Messing could not be distinguished from the dead man.

Under the guidance of his teacher and patron Professor Abel Wolf honed his ability to read minds and bear the pain.Such training, he was engaged in more than two years.When he felt that he had learned to control himself, then he began performing in variety shows.

Very quickly came to Messing world fame, and committed them to the miracles began to tell the legend.In his travels, he met Freud, Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi.Messing found missing objects and people demonstrated enormous power over the human mind and his body, surprising even the Indian yogis.

In 1937, in one of his speeches in answer to the question, what would happen if Germany would attack Poland, Messing said that turning to the East, Germany will perish.Since then it has become a personal enemy of Hitler.Capturing Poland in 1939, Hitler promised his head Messing astronomical award, but he managed to escape to the Soviet Union.

Here he met with Stalin.He repeatedly checked the gift Messing.In the beginning he was given the task to get 100 000 in the State Bank of clean paper.Messing approached the teller, handed him torn from a school notebook leaf, opened the suitcase and placed it at the little window on the barrier.The old cashier looked at the piece of paper, opened the cash and counted out a hundred thousand.On another occasion, at the request of Stalin Messing passed without crossing all posts Kremlin guard, suggesting that there is a general guard, which is forbidden to detain.

Before the war and during the war Messing toured the USSR, shows hypnotic tricks, searching for missing people and healed the sick.Speaking once in the club of the NKVD, he predicted the outbreak of war with Germany and the victory of the Soviet army.Hypnotist wanted to arrest, but did Stalin's personal orders not to touch it.Since then messing up in the Soviet Union he became a man who was very much allowed.Even prediction of the death of Stalin, made in 1950, away with it.

Menssing predicted and date of his death, November 8, 1974.He knew a few years, not only the day but also the hour of his death.