Xenia Bubenko history of her illness

idee fixe modern girl is a perfect figure.In the days of Rubens ideal figure was considered a powerful figure with rounded shapes, a marked difference between the chest and waist, and the thinness and paleness were soon signs of exhaustion rather than beauty and health.Times are changing, and the image of painful fragility and tenderness was elevated to the ideal of femininity.Long-legged model with perfect proportions orderly rows go on the podium, bringing to mind both men and women.Model - is a dream, a fantastic life, easy money and love of hundreds of fans.Every girl since childhood dreams of such a life.I was no exception and the heroine of this article - Xenia Bubenko that quickly slipped into the abyss called "anorexia."

sad story "victory»

For a girl named Xenia Bubenko Yekaterinburg is experiencing is not the first year.After stirred up the public release of the "Let Them Talk" worried for the girl and the inhabitants of the whole country.Xenia Bubenko - adults.At the time of the program she was 19 years old.By this age, she weighs 23 kilograms.She suffers from anorexia, and she has come to realize this terrible diagnosis.In the program, she told her sad story.The motivation to lose weight have become glamorous magazines.Model beauty excited the imagination of a young girl, and she wanted to be one of them.Before happiness lacked quite a bit - to work on the figure and lose weight.Xenia Bubenko solved the problem radically - she simply stopped eating.The results of this "diet", which Xenia, gave the name "Victory", were not long in coming.If Xenia Bubenko anorexia weighed about 48 kilograms, its minimum weight became - 19 kg.In the short time she has lost almost 30 kg.

«Let say»

On the program "Let Them Talk" Xenia Bubenko stood on the scales.Her weight was 23 kilograms.Relatives and friends in horror.They beg for a Woman to think again, start eating and stop torturing yourself.The studio program also met the girl suffering from anorexia and are at the stage of recovery.They told the audience their stories and gave advice on how to recognize and defeat the disease.

Mostly anorexic sick of the fair sex, who are more susceptible to other people's opinions.Girls-perfectionist like Xenia Bubenko strive to do everything and always "excellent", to achieve the best results.For them, there is no half-measures, only the victory, but the ideal outcome.Height Susie small for modeling career - 158 centimeters.But that did not stop her.The girl did not tell her parents decided to reach the ideal weight, using only water.Parents confident prudence daughter could not believe that she did not eat, but then turned to Susie leg bones covered with skin, and anxiety due to its rapid losing weight developed into a panic.On the program "Let them talk," Andrei Malakhov offered the girl to perform one of her dream - to arrange a professional photo session, when it will be over the weight of 30 kg.Xenia has agreed to the bar at 30 kilograms, but not more.

Intrigue anorexia

This alerted parents and the audience even more, because, despite the obvious degeneration and lack of weight and nutrients and vitamins in the body, Xenia Bubenko does not wish to recover to a normal weight and feels beautiful, even thoughher protruding bones, covered with parchment skin, causing terror in others.Inadequate perception of yourself is one of the surest signs of the insidious disease - anorexia.Many parents incorrectly assume that anorexia occurs only with significant weight loss.In fact, anorexia - a nervous eating disorder in which there is no appetite, and constant fear of gaining weight.Anorexia may occur, and a large excess weight, when the girl is under constant pressure from the emotional that is generated by their own dissatisfaction, mocking others and a desire to change.Often the disease is attributed to models that are regularly maintained huge competition and panic fear of excess kilos, which will inevitably notice during the parade in bathing suits.According to rough estimates, anorexia suffer about 1% of the fair sex, and 0.2% - a strong half.The average age of the ill with ranges from 13 to 20 years.

What are the main causes of anorexia?

Rarely, but sometimes the cause of the progression of anorexia becomes a brain tumor that provokes an imbalance of hormones of the hypothalamus or pituitary gland.But the disease has mostly psychological reasons.In other words, an obsessive desire to lose weight is due to low self-esteem, the desire to make a career, to please her lover, depressive disorders or schizophrenia.

How to recognize the early stages of anorexia?

main symptom is definitely considered a weight loss of 20 percent or more of body weight in six months or less.There is panic recover.Progressive depletion of the body.Patients have a clear goal and dream of a figure of the desired weight.With long-term effect of the absence of developing depression, accompanied by outbursts of anger.If weight loss is possible bouts of euphoria.There are strengthened and new norms of behavior during the meal.For example, patients eat standing up, divide into portions to accept food, hide from their home.Taking advantage of the trust of their loved ones, patients throw food, shift it to other people's plates, give the animal.

If it turns out that patients are fully refuse meals, as happened in the case of Susie Bubenko.She began to muscle atrophy.On the girl's body to look scary.From bone calcium is washed away, spoils the teeth and hair.The girl fibrillation and permanent weakness.The monthly cycle has stopped, and as the recovery of not observed, the cells began to die.In that case, if Xenia Bubenko recovered may be returned to the cycle.

way of life

Now she required urgent hospitalization, which she opposes.The recovery will be possible when it starts receiving intravenous vitamins, medication.In addition, it needs a balanced diet and behavioral therapy.Xenia is now Bubenko gained a few kilos, but still more her health in danger.Without an explicit desire to recover the girl is doomed.Meanwhile, hundreds of young girls studying her pictures, jealous of her success and dream of becoming a supermodel whose path for them begins with diet.