Of Enterprise which is an abbreviation for, and where it should be used?

in the accounting and financial documents is very common combination of letters of Enterprise.What is the abbreviation - know not all.Meanwhile, it is one of the most important codes that characterize the activities of any legal entity.

What's he like?

of Enterprise - a vernacular reduction, resulting from the first letters, does the name of a statistical classifier, namely - National Classification of Enterprises and Organizations.

main code of any enterprise, organization, an entrepreneur from the assignment of which largely depends on the continued existence of an economic entity - that is, most economists interpret the concept of Enterprise.What is it can be understood by examining the Federal State Statistics Service Order dated July 29, 2008 for № 174. It covers purpose, classification and characterization of Enterprise, order revisions and changes.

what it is for?

State OKPO code is required for registration and statistical reporting of economic entities.Unique identification of any economic entity of the Russian Federation - so it is possible to formulate the basic function of the code of Enterprise.What this allows you to quickly find any firm or an entrepreneur in the databases of Rosstat - is obvious.

addition, the code is used:

  • as the primary identifier for interagency sharing of information;
  • to integrate all federal databases of different agencies and ministries;
  • to create a common information space of the Russian Federation;
  • to ensure comparability of data;
  • for fast search of information.

Changes to the codes of Enterprise may be made only by Rosstat.

As he assigned?

classification object code of Enterprise are absolutely all legal entities: enterprises and organizations of all forms of ownership, their branches, representative offices, organizations that conduct activities without forming a legal entity and individual entrepreneurs.

The principles of the Code are set out in the Decision of Gosstandart of Russia from 30.12.1993 for № 297. They are fairly simple: the code has an 8-bit structure for organizations and 10-bit structure for individual entrepreneurs.The first 7 or 9 digits - the actual number, the last digit - encrypted key.

code is assigned for the entire period of existence of the legal entity (by the way, whatever happened to him from the changes) until its liquidation.After the liquidation is carried out the withdrawal of information on economic actors from all databases, where it is used of Enterprise entrepreneur or organization.

After 10 years, the newly formed legal entity can sometimes be assigned has already been used previously OKPO code.What this may lead to the fact that different organizations will be given the same code, is irrelevant, since in no way affect the operation of a new business entity.

How to get it?

Assignment of Enterprise organization code authorities Rosstat happening based on information from the register, which they receive in electronic form from the tax authorities.In addition, the organization is required to provide a statement signed by the head, and a specific package of legal documents.Organizations must be submitted to the Federal State Statistics Service copies:

  • Certificate of Incorporation;
  • statute;
  • decision (minutes) of the meeting, which was appointed Head;
  • evidence BIN;
  • TIN certificate.

full list of required documents can be found in the territorial bodies of the Rosstat.Notice of the codes assigned to the organization of statistical agencies sent by mail or submitted in electronic form.

of Enterprise for IP assigned to the simplified procedure, and the notification code is sent only to those entrepreneurs who are required to provide statistical reports.The rest of the IP can be notified if the requesters in its territorial authority Rosstat.

How can it be used?

Code of Enterprise is a necessary requisite, its use of financial instruments is required.For example, OKPO code must be specified:

  • on the letterhead of the organization of the undertaking;
  • in the details of the parties at the conclusion of any agreements.

Without this code it is impossible to commit the majority of legal actions, such as opening a bank account or the registration of non-budgetary funds.

How to learn it?

Beginners accountants often wonder: "Where can I see of Enterprise?"Fixed a list of these codes do not exist as legal entities are organized on a daily basis and are eliminated.To clarify OKPO own organization, it is enough to apply to the Federal State Statistics Service authorities a formal request.In response to the territorial body of Federal State Statistics Service sends a letter, which lists all statistical codes assigned to a particular entity.

can find OKPO code, if known, and BIN INN organization or entrepreneur.We must appeal to the inspectorate at the place of registration of the request for the extradition of Certificate of Incorporation for legal entities and statements from EGRIP - for individual entrepreneurs.Both of these statements contain basic information about economic actors, some of whom are desired code.

statement on paper can be sent by registered mail, or it can be obtained directly from the Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service.Today, you can get a statement on the official website of the Federal Tax Service.The data contained in the Unified State Register, are widely available, so getting the information contained therein may each.