Russian Army.

Russian Armed Forces were formed in 1992.At the time of their number amounted to 2.88 million people.Today, it reaches 1 million people.This is not only one of the largest forces in the world.Russian army today is a very modern, developed, has a stockpile of nuclear weapons, weapons of mass destruction, a developed system of countering enemy offensive weapons and redeployment, if necessary.

in the army of the Russian Federation is almost never used weapons of foreign manufacture.All you need is produced in the country.All the military equipment and armaments are the result of research scientists and the functioning of the defense industry.Management of the army by the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation by means of military districts and other controls.Also, to control the Russian Armed Forces General Staff was created, which aims are defense planning, conducting mobilization and operational training, the organization of intelligence operations, and others.

armored vehicles

military equipment and armaments of the Russian army are constantly being upgraded.This happens to such machines as the armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles and BMD.They are intended for combat operations on various types of terrain, and can carry a combat unit of up to 10 people, to overcome water obstacles.These vehicles can travel both front and rear at the same speed.

So, in early 2013 the Russian Army entered the BTR-82 and BTR-82A.This modification has the economical diesel generator set is equipped with electric stabilizer to control the gun, a laser sight.Designers improved intelligence capabilities have been improved fighting system and fragmentation protection.

On arms is about 500 BMP-3.This equipment and armament, which it is equipped, have no equal in the world.Infantry fighting vehicles are equipped with protection from mines, are durable and sealed enclosure, providing a circular book to protect personnel.BMP-3 is aviatransportabelnoy floating machine.On a flat road speeds up to 70 km / h.

Russian nuclear weapons

nuclear weapons adopted for service since Soviet times.This is a complex, which includes just ammunition carriers and travel agents, as well as control systems.Action weapons based on nuclear energy, which is released in the process of fission or nuclear fusion.

new nuclear weapons Russia today is the RS-24 "yars".Developments on it was begun in the Soviet Union in 1989.After the failure of Ukraine to develop in conjunction with the all Russian engineering developments in 1992 were handed over to MIT.By design, the rocket "yars" like "Topol-M".Its difference - a new platform for breeding units.On "Yarse" increased payload, and the body is treated with a special compound that allows to reduce the impact of a nuclear explosion.This missile can perform maneuvers and software complex is equipped to counter missile defense systems.

Pistols Army Pistols

the troops of any kind are used for close combat and personal defense.This weapon has become popularized by the compactness and light weight, but the main advantage is the possibility of shooting with one hand.Until 2012, the guns in the Russian army were mainly used Makarov (PM and PMM).Models developed under the bullets of 9 mm.Firing range up to 50 meters, the rate - 30 rounds per minute.PM Magazine capacity - 8 rounds, MMP - 12 rounds.

However, Makarov pistol recognized as obsolete, adopted to take a current model.This "Swift", developed in collaboration with the staff of the special forces.On the characteristics superior to the world famous gun "Glock".Another gun, which adopted a new Russian army in 2003, was the SPS (self-loading pistol Serdyukov).

to him were designed 9mm bullets with bullets ricochet of small, as well as anti-armor and armor-piercing tracer bullets.It is equipped with a special spring to accelerate the change of double-row magazine and two safety valves.


Arms Army of the Russian Federation in terms of aircraft allows to protect and attack on the enemy, as well as to perform various operations, such as intelligence, surveillance and others.Aviation is represented by planes and helicopters for various purposes.

Among the aircraft is worth noting model Su-35S.This fighter is a multifunctional and super-maneuverable, it is intended to strike a moving and stationary ground targets.But his main task is to gain air superiority.Su-35S has an engine with higher thrust and turning the thrust vector (article 117-C).It applied a fundamentally new avionics - information management system of the aircraft provides a maximum degree of interoperability between the pilots and the machine.The fighter has the newest weapon control system "Irbis-E."It is capable of simultaneous detection of up to 30 air targets, firing up 8 goals without interrupting monitoring of ground and air space.

Among the helicopters as the modern Russian army should be noted Ka-52 "Alligator" and Ka-50 "Black Shark".The two combat vehicles is a formidable weapon, until now, no country in the world able to create and contrast technique corresponding to them on the tactical and technical capabilities."Alligator" can act at any time, day or night, in all weather and climatic conditions."Black Shark" is intended for the destruction of various armored vehicles, including tanks, as well as to ensure the protection of ground targets and troops from enemy attacks.


Facilities Russian military vehicles of different purpose is large in scale.Automotive electronics is represented as a highly mobile, cargo-passenger, multi-purpose, specially protected and armored.

particularly well established CTC "Tiger", adopted by the Russian Army.The vehicle used for reconnaissance, observation of enemy personnel carriers and ammunition, patrolling danger zones, support of mobile towers.It has a high maneuverability, high power reserve, good visibility for firing.

rendition for operational equipment, ammunition and personnel in large quantities used KRAZ 5233VE "Special Forces".The car is designed to work in harsh environments (from - 50 to + 60 degrees), a high cross - it is possible to overcome water obstacles up to 1.5 m depth and snow cover up to 60 cm.


TanksThey are armored fighting vehicles and used ground troops.To date, the Russian army used the model T-90, T-80 and T-72.Modern armament equipment outnumbered the army of the United States of America.

T-80 is delivered to the army in 1976, since then it has undergone several modifications.Used to support firepower army, people and the destruction of various objects (for example, fortified emplacements) to create defensive lines.It has a multi-layer armor, increased maneuverability.Complete with 125-millimeter cannon, coupled with a machine gun, machine-gun complex "The Rock", the system start-up smoke grenades, as well as a complex of anti-missile guidance.

Tank T-90, especially the modification of the T-90 cm, can be easily positioned as the newest Russian Army.Equipped with advanced fire suppression system, air conditioning system is added, it is possible to hit moving targets with high precision while driving.For all characteristics superior to those tanks as "Abrams" or "Leopard".

Machines armed army

most famous weapon of the Russian army - a Kalashnikov.Although they have no grace or beauty, they have earned popularity for its simplicity and ease of use.This machine dates back to 1959 when it was first adopted by the Soviet army.In recent years, since 1990, the army released model AK-74M 5.45 with strap for attaching different types of sights.It's designers were able to realize the dream of a universal machine.But no matter how universal it is, the story goes on, and the technology is evolving.

Today the modern Russian army in terms of machines presents a model AK-12.It is devoid of the disadvantages of all kinds of AC - there is no gap between the cover of the receiver and the receiver.The design makes the machine easier to use both right-handers and left-handers.The model is compatible with shops for AKM, AK-74.It is possible to mount a grenade launcher, and various kinds of sight.Accuracy is almost 1.5 times higher than that of an AK-74.

Grenade in the Russian military

Grenade designed for different purposes and are divided into several types.Thus, isolated easel, automatic, manual, multi-purpose, and remote-controlled rifle.Depending on the species they are intended to destroy enemy forces, moving and stationary targets, for the destruction of soft-skinned, light armored and armored vehicles.

new small arms of the Russian army in this category represented RPG-30 "Hook."It is a single-use weapons, entered the army in 2013.Is a double-barreled anti-tank systems, comprising two grenades: simulator and 105-millimeter combat.The simulator provides activate the defense and grenade directly destroys unprotected target.

We can not ignore such modern Russian Army as grenade launchers GP-25 and GP-30.They are equipped with Kalashnikovs modifications of the AK-12, AKM, AKMS, AKS-74U, AK-74, AK-74M AK-103 and AK-101.Grenade launcher GP-25 and GP-30 is designed to kill the living and non-living targets and soft-skinned vehicles.Sighting range - about 400 m, caliber - 40 mm.

Sniper rifles Sniper rifles

used as the small arms of the Russian army, are divided into several types, or rather, have a different purpose.To eliminate single masked or moving targets using SVD 7.62mm.The rifle was developed in 1958 by E. Dragunov and has a sighting range up to 1300 meters.Since weapons passed several modifications.In the 90-ies.It has been developed and put into service Russian army rifle SVD-C (SVU-AS).It has 7.62 and is designed for airborne units.In this there is a possibility of automatic rifle fire, and it is equipped with a folding stock.

for military operations which require the lack of noise applied BCC.Although the sniper rifle "Vintorez" was established in the former Soviet Union, used to fire bullets SP-5 and SP-6 (punches steel plate thickness of 8 mm at a distance of 100 m).Sighting range is from 300 to 400 meters, depending on the type of sight.

naval forces

Russian Navy, which uses the new Russian army, quite diverse.Surface ships provide support for submarine forces provide transportation and paratroop landing cover, protection of territorial waters, coastline, searching and tracking of enemy sabotage operations support.Submarine forces provide intelligence operations, a sudden attack on the continental and sea targets.Naval aviation forces used to attack enemy surface forces, the destruction of the key items on its coastline, intercept and prevent the attacks of enemy aircraft.

Navy includes destroyers, patrol ships far and near sea area, small missile and anti-submarine ships, missiles, anti-sabotage boats, large and small landing ships, nuclear submarines, minesweepers, landing craft.

defense production

After the collapse of the USSR defense industry experienced a sharp decline.However, in 2006, Russian President Vladimir Putin has approved the State program of development of armaments for 2007-2015.According to this document, for the years to be developed new weapons and a variety of technical means to replace the old.

development and delivery of new and modernized weapons and equipment is carried out such companies as "Russian Technologies", "Oboronprom", "Motorostroitel", "Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant", "United Aircraft Corporation", JSC "Helicopters of Russia", "Uralvagonzavod""Kurgan Engine PlantĀ» and others.

Most research centers and design offices, developing Russian Army, strictly classified as the defense industry.But the defense industry today provides jobs for many large and medium cities of the Russian Federation.