The ideal height for the girls - what is it?

modern society every day proves the validity of the judgment that meet on clothes, and escorted to the mind, these are the realities of our world, and everyone has to fit into the frame, and to strive for excellence.Twenty-first century - the time of not only specialists in their field, but also those who follow the standard, whether it's weight, height, hair and makeup.Many try to follow the trends and the basic rules of the capricious fashion.The young lady in some way easier to strive for the ideal because the sacred figures 90-60-90 knows by heart every young person, but now these parameters are added and controversy about the ideal height for girls.

Raisin girl - her height

Subject growth was so interesting that she devoted dozens of articles.Even modern sociologists conducted polls asking about what the perfect height for a girl?

Possible answers were completely different, for the majority of male respondents actual answer was that the girl should be less than your partner without heels and heels to be at least at the level of the growth of his companion.Young people uncomfortable next to the young personages above itself.So they feel insecure.According to the responses of girls can provide concrete figures of the ideal.Thus, about 50% said that the ideal height for girls imprisoned in the range from 165 to 172 centimeters.

ideal relationship depends on growth?

The main fear for humans, according to modern psychologists - is, of course, the loneliness, and absolutely everyone is looking for a suitable partner for all characteristics, this phobia is particularly susceptible to the girl for fear of loneliness are often a strong call to action.Now all the requirements of the partners that were previously added the fact that the steam created in the society should look harmonious, to draw attention to positive features of each other and hide the negative.Modern people tend to complement each other and highlight the individual characteristics of their loved one.

Many German scientists and psychologists conducting research revealed that when choosing a companion, such a criterion, as the growth of the most important for women but not for men.The girls explained by the fact that each must be a sense of security, any want to be for your partner, like a stone wall, so many girls in the figures is the difference in the 20 centimeters, and heels to feel confident and secure.

Perfect female growth in these studies and surveys was 173 cm, and male - 188 cm. This difference is easily explained by the biologists, because this factor directly affects the status of the young man and his fertility, and the subconscious mind - a thing quite significant.

true that tall people are more successful?

Psychological studies have not ended on the study of the relationship and moved on.After the growth was detected perfect for girls and boys, researchers have observed that the fairer sex, whose height is 163 cm, is much more successful and happier than those who do not live up to such figures.

This supposed truth is easy to explain the confidence factor, as is proven: the more a person is, the more confident he is.And good luck, being largely a psychological factor and appears often in the life of a tall man.At the same time no one can dispute a simple fact.We are talking about the so-called complex of Napoleon, when people say the least, with low growth achieves huge success and breaks stereotypes, showing the world their independence and identity.

Small but precious

known in the history of a huge number of short people, who have won the battle, shone at balls and catch views of enthusiastic young girls.And nowadays the attention of young people are attracted to Thumbelina that cause sincere feelings of tenderness and care, and that is what gives a young person the opportunity to feel like a real knight.Therefore, for each representative of the male ideal height for girls is different, some prefer a high, some low, but everyone eventually finds his man, his "dear spool."

How to find your ideal?

What growth is considered ideal?The question is very controversial and not very objective.However, it is ideal for you and your loved ones - is that it is possible and achievable.Of course, every modern girl wants to be a queen, but in order to become it, to be sure, and one of the main components - it's external beauty.Even our great-grandmother seriously thought about how to look, to attract the attention of prominent suitors surpass rivals.The ratio of the ideal weight and height girls - one of the most important criteria, not only in ancient times, but in the present.Only gradually changing standards and formulas for calculating these parameters.In the past, the ideal calculated using the formula 100 minus growth, resulting afforded figure ideal weight.Over time, decided to take up instead of 100 110. However, after nutritionists began to work seriously on these issues, it has been proved that the ideal weight and height girls - especially individual, and calculate them by a simple formula can not.

Modern Myths

Many girls mistakenly believe that the most limiting weight for a girl her prenatal record, but it is not.Yes metabolism with age and after delivery slows down.Nevertheless, to normalize this parameter - it is quite solvable problem, and that is proven by young mothers.

Another no less popular and erroneous myth is that the numbers on the scale must coincide with the value of the body mass index, but it is not so.Experts have long said that this figure quite rough and is not for everyone.

So, every young person should remember that the ideal height for girls, and weight - all figures must be determined not by the standards, and in their own self-awareness and better in tandem with an expert.To maintain the desired parameters should always consult a nutritionist and observe reasonable precautions.