The secret of affordable make-up remover

Wipes - a good idea to remove makeup.Manufacturers offer a wide variety of wet wipes make-up remover.But for many of us this is not the cheapest option, though, it is true, effective.There is a suggestion: use the wipes, but do not overpay!

Use makeup remover baby wipes.That, at least, five reasons why they can easily replace wet wipes from the famous cosmetic brand.

1. Price.

significant difference!If we compare the average cost of a single wet wipes for babies (for example, by Huggies or Pampers) and a cloth for removing make-up (for example, Neutrogena), it turns out that the children's version is - 2-3 rubles per napkin, and special make-up remover wipes- 5 times more expensive (10-12 rubles more expensive luxury brands).

2. The cleaning components.

All napkins (and children, and adults) are composed of mild detergent, no sulfates, and it pleases.At the same time, not all adults are able to wash cloths are resistant makeup products like waterproof mascara.That is, not every brand such napkins are.So once again we see that baby wipes is no worse.

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3. The quality of the fabric.

According to this indicator wipes are absolutely identical.The difference may be in the size or in humidity.Baby wipes are larger (this is another plus, they can be cut in half!), And somewhat more humid than the make-up remover wipes.

4. Security for the skin.

Primary marking, which attracts up remover wipes, - that the product is non-comedogenic, that is, does not clog pores.On baby wipes this inscription is not, but it would be strange if it were.Judging by the composition, in baby wipes also have comedogenic ingredients, at least, of heavy oils and silicones.

5. Flavor.

If you use baby wipes, then most likely notice that they are leaving the smell of baby lotion or cream.It's not bad, just maybe someone does not like it.But the problem is solved, as there are for sale and napkins are absolutely odorless.

So, what do you think: is it worth paying more for a special make-up remover wipes if they are almost the same as children?

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