What is a media kit?

Any product, no matter what high quality it is, needs advertising.Only allows advertising to make it interesting to the consumer.In this way from the assembly line to the counter can not do without the media.

tools used by specialists to create an environment dating, reporters needed as well as directly to consumers.

It's about the essential PR-instruments.

Media ...

The first of these tools is the media kit, which is a summary of the evidence on the product (service), and a set of standard documents, presentations, which are constantly updated.

British media implies information about the source broadcast.

Contents Media whale

Complete information is considered complete if there are the following data:

- the name of the media;
- treatment by the representative of the company to its audience;
- biographical information and important facts about the media and its sources;
- information about the format of the release of news and other alerts;
- the selection of the target audience among viewers and readers of the media;

- might also publish information about new events, special issues, new forms of media alerts;
- basic characteristics unique media source;
- information from the commentaries of advertisers and partners, through the implementation of projects which are carried out;
- list of partitions and their meaningful use (often presented in clear table that allows you to better understand the motivation of this particular embodiment of the method, not the other);
- fees for advertising and PR-materials, participation in non-standard advertising solutions;
- technical requirements for ready-made materials: layout, commercials and printed materials, PR-projects;
- last paragraph infest contacts, ieInformation about a person or group of persons who will give all the necessary information in the advertising and editorial sections.

Media kit (for example in the article) allows you to get the most information in a single source.

release format information occurs in both hard copy (brochures, magazines), and electronic versions of these components in the network.There is also the format of audio and videovypuske.

term "media kit" is closely related to another element of PR.He is the only member kotoryyt formed for the media, regardless of the original event.

Now More one tool that helps in the broadcasting system, a press kit.

"Folder journalist"

Press kit - from the English «press kit» - literally translated as "a set (kit) of the press."

Perhaps the second most important item after the press release at the time of presentation.

main function press kit is to provide a brief journalists, but at the same time capacious information about current events, their main participants, and of course, about the company itself.Provide information about the historical past, information about representatives of the company and its achievements.If it is carried out on the product or service, the focus is on the merits of the advertised object.

Content "folder"

Since we have already found that the press kit - is a set of information for the media, it should conclude that for the convenience of it in some way necessary to streamline and systematize.

second title of the element of PR - "directory for journalists," because in this way "wordsmiths" prepare their materials.

If you plan to work at several events, the design of the folder is to add elements that will simplify the process of orientation of the material.Sometimes, this is done using colored paper.

supplements the press kit audio information, notes and photos bekgraunder as a companion text to the base.Typically, the actual data and the reference historical information.Fill

folder is usually on the right side - the most important information to the left often placed additional materials.

second option design press kit is a booklet that is printed once.Of course, the material is easy to operate, but the drawback is the lack of opportunity to complement it with new information, and wasteful of finance is significantly higher than in the first embodiment.

required in the case of a folder, and the version of the brochure is necessary to put the contact details can be supplemented with a press release issue cards that there will be placed.

However, in order to better understand the importance of these tools for public relations, pay attention to the example of their implementation.

Media Kit Journal.Examples embodiment

magazine has long been considered one of the most familiar forms of media work.At present, almost nothing has changed, only supplement the advent of analog network printing.

Modern forms of media whale magazine supplement animation, audio and video feed of infographics.The orientation of each component is to ensure that information is not only memorable, but also correctly interpreted.

For practical understanding of the concept of "media kit" should consider examples of its implementation.Direction publications can be absolutely anything.So, a good example is the domestic magazine about sport "Football", the home page is filled with comprehensive information about the sections of the publication, its format output, points of sale, price, and there are statistics on the number of readers.With animation done right accents in the appropriate places.

This format publication greatly facilitates the work relating to the conclusion of transactions, the implementation of sales.Since all the initial information the user already owns, then he is the manager to discuss only a few details for the transaction.

In addition to the printed form, due to the extensive development of technical means, produce audio and video formats for magazines.

Another example of media, China is well-known commentator in the world of fashion, beauty, relationships - Cosmopolitan.

All the work the creators of this publication focuses on the collection of the most valuable and interesting information to the reader, and to be always available, "Cosmo" and placed its analogue network.

first page of the official site Cosmopolitan covers information on the number of draw releases percent readability.There is also a link to the contact details of the project manager and the possibility to ask questions through the publication of service "mail".

Since we are talking about online media representations of China, you can not miss the opportunity to present the prestigious brand «ELKHART Truth."Activities it been established in conjunction with eTruth.com, where he placed a news and advertising information about the company.

Wireless booklet format this kind of «ELKHART Truth" can increase the radius of coverage of the target audience.Here, at any moment the user can get advanced news reports and information on any changes related to the company "Elkhart" and get relevant links to sources that match this query.As part of this online community people have the opportunity to not only receive information, but at the expense of blogs that exist within the Internet pages, exchange ideas, engage in polemics, to receive advice, make new connections.Along with the general area there is a message board, and for the planning of its activities has a calendar.

On eTruth.com the visitors offered only credible and reliable information.Before being submitted to the readers and visitors to the network, all the videos, news articles are carefully processed.All information is constantly updated.

Complementing the online source plate «ELKHART Truth", which helps to look up information about advertising in the print media, especially newspapers.

Additional functions of providing entertainment made the site unique among their own kind, which increased the number of regular visitors to 85,500 readers per week.

eTruth.com allows everyone to find a solution to implement their business project.

Examples press kit

Press kit - an important element for the work of journalists.Its shape allows you to build a plan conversation.Press kit (sample) may be supplemented or shortened depending on the requirements.

So, for example, consider a few samples.

first example

The first sample will present the company "Petersburg Oil Terminal".The essence of the activity of the company is to provide transportation services for the transportation of "black gold."
press kit filled with companies:
- double-sided press release with information about the new service company in the presence of background information about the direction of the company;

- the existence of a fact-sheet - a material containing biographical data of the project participants;

- advertising information, which reflects information about the company with the slogan "Petersburg Oil Terminal: Today.Today.Tomorrow, "signed by General Director I. Telesheva;

- reference to the following actual data: production capacity, production results, the prospects for directions, environmental issues.

press kit tells everything you need about the company, showing its best side, it does not endorse and prove the facts.

Example Two

press release may, as we have said, to represent not only goods and services but also cover the events of various events.One such example is the publication of the results of the meeting of members of the Chamber of Commerce branch in the same Peter.

volume of material of the event is set out three sheets relating to the work of the Chamber of Commerce for the year 2000.

downside is the lack of ready-made folder header which replaces the rather broad informative string.

Content is devoted to analysis of the activities of the Chamber, a lot of space is devoted to the consideration of functional issues as well as future plans.The fact-sheet contains information about the group of companies that make up the American Chamber of Commerce.Also in the press release put final report, covering the volume of seven pages.

Since the company is calculated on the foreign consumer, all information is duplicated in English, and final statements are presented in the form of a booklet.

Example Three

advisable to use press kit to advertise only created diggings.Press release in this case introduces the audience to the newly made by the manufacturer (product) and provides links to legal documents of the company.

Material press kit is formed of:

- business card;

- materials about the services or products of the company;

- additional audio.

Summarizing the above facts, it should be noted that in recent times the format of broadcast tools greatly modernized.

media format conversion whale from its original form, first of all, due to the technological progress.As this is the life of each of us half full Internet space, the format and the tools of PR moves there.

course, while prints are gone, they just took a different form.Thus, almost any self-respecting publication has a page on the Internet, which is a direct copy of the magazine, but only in the network.

And journalists still can not do without your working folder.

Mechanical need for whales and media press releases retained its relevance, as the first form is the hallmark of any project, and the second is unthinkable without substantive content of content of any publication, and events for the presentation of the product or service.

PR-tools - mates on the way to the best solutions and the waves of information.